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Let’s prepare controllers for the number of people (PS4 version)

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Prepare controllers for each person.

Most games, with a few exceptions, require controllers for each person.
If you only have one controller to enjoy this site, First, the second one! Let’s buy it. Spread the fun!

I tried several controllers to build the environment at home. I’ll show you what was good and what was bad.
Also, everything I introduce here is “Exclusive for PS4”. When connected to PS5: Can be used when playing PS4 games on PS5. It cannot be used when playing PS5 games on PS5. Please be careful.

Recommended Controllers

HORI Wired Controller Light

Official site

Wired type

The price is quite low, and it’s most recommended for multiplayer.
The following abilities are lacking compared to Dual Shock…

  • Touchpad made simple
  • Wired
  • No earphone jack
  • No vibration
  • No Lightbar
  • No motion sensor
  • slightly smaller

It has little impact on multiplayer.
What surprised me was that the L2 and R2 buttons have a button shape that makes you feel like you just click them.
As expected of HORI. There is a history, and there is a sense of security as a SONY officially licensed product.

Horipad FPS Plus


Wired type

Compared to the above wired controller, the following functions have been improved.

  • Touchpad is close to genuine
  • Solid size
  • Rapid fire function
  • Can be used on PS3
  • Change key assignment
  • The ability to temporarily slow down the left stick

The final feature is… while the button on the back is pressed, the left stick becomes less sensitive. This is intended to make it easier to aim at distant enemies in games that require shooting, such as FPS. Again, you might not be able to tell from the shape of the L2 and R2 buttons, but they are pressure-sensitive. These pluses don’t have much effect on multiplayer, but many FPS games can be played by two people at the same time, so I think it’s worth having.

SONY genuine wireless controller (DUALSHOCK4)

Radio type

A genuine controller that does not require explanation. As will be described later, compared to other controllers, you can see SONY’s advanced technology. Vibration is genuine. The sense of presence is considerably improved. What’s even more amazing is that if it’s genuine, you can use it on your computer, iPhone, or iPad! Easy to connect. Please visit official “How to use DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controllers with PC, Mac, Android, and iOS” page. At home, it is also very active in the article “I tried it, 4-person Fortnite!“.
But… the price is a little high to prepare the number. In addition, the recent shortage of goods has increased the price… I think it’s better to have one, so if your main controller is broken or you can afford it, please buy it!

Unsuitable controller for multiplayer

HORI Fighting Commander PRO.

Official site

Wired type

HORI Fighting Commander


Wired type

A good controller for fighting games only! It’s great that you can use it on PS3 and PC as well.
However, the lack of left and right sticks made it unsuitable for many multiplayer games. (Although you can assign the D-Pad to either one…) For reference, Super Bomberman R,Puyo Puyo eSports can be used for games with simple controls.

Not recommended controller


It looks genuine, but…

  • Even when the L and R sticks are released, they are slightly tilted
  • Very strong vibration function
  • The sensitivity of the analog stick is too fast for delicate operations

And it was similar and different. The contents may be different. That may be the case… When you taste this, you can actually feel that “Sony’s technology is made with extremely delicate parts in mind.”

Unlicensed controller (new) from a bargain shop

When I first bought this, it worked normally, but after a while, the movement of the L/R sticks in particular became strange.

Trick: PSRemotePlay

By installing “PSRemotePlay” on your smartphone or tablet, you can use your smartphone as a controller.

  • Requires PS account verified with email
  • Valid for only one person (An error will occur if a second person tries to start RemotePlay)
  • By touching a certain position in the screen instead of a button

It’s quite difficult to press the buttons (some smartphone games have similar controls, so if you’re used to it, you may be fine), especially pressing multiple buttons at the same time is quite difficult.
Just in case another one! Think of it as insurance when you want it.

In the end…

I bought two items that I can’t recommend with the feeling that “everyone should be able to do it for the time being”. However, when the movement becomes strange, the stress gradually accumulates. It’s a matter of course, but I think it’s better to have SONY genuine or SONY officially licensed ones!

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