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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2019/9/5
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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PublisherBlue Mammoth Games

Four players can play for free! Fighting with simple controls!

How free!

Basic play is free (with optional billing system). You can enjoy a lot without paying.
In addition, due to repeated version upgrades, it is now possible to play with multiple battle rules (described later) that are quite varied.
Before I knew it, it had turned into a hell of a free party game! !

Smash Bros-style blow-off fighting action

Up to 8 characters will face each other on a single screen stage. If you reduce your physical strength little by little and attack the opponent when the life is gone, you can blow them out of the arena.
It is possible to triple jump, but even if you have physical strength left, if you are thrown so far that you can not return with the triple jump and fall, it will be a mistake.
With simple controls, anyone can easily get into the game.

You can enjoy offline multiplayer without any problems!

Up to 4 people can enjoy playing against each other without any problems for free.
More than 40 characters called “Legend”. 8 characters that can be used from among them are randomly determined (replaced at a constant cycle). You can buy characters with in-game currency that accumulates as you play, and the characters you buy are treated differently from the “8 random characters” and can be used at any time.
Rayman joins the battle from Rayman Legends!

Online matches are also free!

Online battles are possible even if you do not have a PS Plus subscription. Two people in front of the TV vs. two people on the net, it is possible to play.

Among many game modes, this site introduces the following, where you can play offline with 4 players

Offline play

Select “Offline Play” → “Couch Party” from the main menu.
Press the “Triangle” button here to change various game settings, the most important of which are “Game Mode”, “Team” and “Maximum Players”.

● Game Mode

The screen doesn’t say “game mode”, but it’s a place where icons such as a heart mark and a clock mark are lined up side by side. You can change the game mode by pressing the left and right keys while the icon row is selected.

  • Strike Out … Choose 3 Legends, control one person per life
  • Time … Battle within the time limit
  • Stock … 3-life battle
  • Showdown … The flat ground and arrows fly in the air, so it’s a two-dimensional battle
  • Morphs … Up to 4 people. Select 3 legends and fight while changing characters freely with the L1R1 key
  • Temple Climb … The screen automatically scrolls vertically, so be careful not to fall while fighting
  • Bubble Keidoro … In a team system, when you take a certain amount of damage, it will bubble. Open with the touch of an ally. If everyone becomes a bubble, you lose
  • Capture the Flag … Compete for the flag of each team in a team system
  • Brawl Down … Fight in a professional wrestling ring. There are ropes on the left and right, and weapons can also be dropped
  • Buddy … Up to 4 people. Select 2 legends and operate 2 characters at the same time during the battle
  • Beach Brawl … A team system where you throw water balloons and hit a big volleyball in the goal
  • Bombsketball … Team-based bombs hit goals in the air
  • Switchcraft … Choose 3 Legends. Each weapon and technique will be replaced
  • Dodge Bomb … Bombs are the only weapon.
  • SnowBrawl … Teams throw snowballs at each other
  • Walker Attack! … Two people only. Repel the waves of zombies
  • Horde … Up to 4 people. Repel the flying monsters that rush one after another
  • Kung Fut … A team system that pushes a big soccer ball into the goal
  • Brawl Ball … Keep the rugby ball in the opponent’s goal for a certain period of time in a team system
● Team

Even in a mode that is not a team system, it is possible to make it a partial team system. If you play a game with people with different levels, let’s eliminate the handicap here. You can change which team you belong to, red or blue, by pressing the □ button and selecting “Manage Party” on the left side of the screen.

● Maximum Players

Up to 8 players can play in most modes. If you have 4 controllers connected, you can add 4 CPUs and battle. After changing to “8 people”, close the menu and press the □ button to move to “Manage party” on the left side of the screen and add a bot. You can also adjust the bot level here. The appearance of 8 characters fighting together is very lively! !

  • Which mode should I be in today?
  • I like Bubble Kidro!
  • Surprisingly funny, isn’t it?
  • I like everyone on the same team.
  • So let’s play 4 family vs. 4 computers today!
  • Ah, I immediately attacked and turned into a bubble. It’s kind of like Mario.
  • Mom I’ll help!
The name of the English version is “Brawlhalla”.
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