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Policies of this site

When I planned this site, I thought about the game I would like to introduce…

  • I want to convey the impression I experienced, including the author’s actual impressions and evaluation
  • Even if the world’s evaluation was low, there were quite a few interesting things if everyone did it
  • There must be more masterpieces that have fallen asleep!
  • That said, I can’t afford to buy them all…

So… I decided to aim for the following site.

  • “A site like a catalog” is the skeleton
  • I will introduce as many games as possible that the creators put their heart into.
  • Among them, I will definitely recommend the ones that I enjoyed doing with my family
  • Even if you haven’t played the game, be sure to research it and give an overview

In accordance with the policy of this site, we judge whether to publish games that have not been played by following the procedure below.

Step 1: Is 4 people offline compatible first? check

Basically, I regularly visit the PS Store (Japan/North America). If there is a description of “1-4 players”, the check starts. I also often watch “PlayStation Official Channel on Youtube” and “PlayStation Official Blog”. I also search for Youtube videos where four people are playing.

  1. Even those that say “1-4 players” on the PS Store are sometimes incorrect
  2. There are games in the PS Store that allow offline 4-player multiplayer even if they don’t say “1-4 players”

And there are quite a few exceptions, so from here I will investigate to the point where it is “probably almost correct” by google search or youtube video.

  • Even if it says “1-4 players”, it’s the number of people online
  • Only the package version has the notation “1-4 players”
  • Even in the official trailer, there is an expression like a 4-screen split, but in reality it is a series of multiple scenes
  • On other hardware, up to 4 people can play, but PS may not work

It’s hard work with confusing information.

Step 2: Judge what to post next

Advertisements that satisfy Step 1 will be judged according to the following rules.

  • Don’t post anything without an official trailer on Youtube(Because I don’t know what the game is like)
  • I honestly don’t like it…I won’t post it(Sorry to the creators, so I won’t reveal which game)
  • It’s not so good…but if it’s super cheap, it’s posted(Enjoying it cheaply is the goal of this site)
  • Don’t publish things from overseas that seem to have a big language barrier(If there is a request, we will publish it)
  • Don’t post anything that makes you bleed(It’s a game, so I’ll allow some)

According to this publication standard, about 50 games have not been published so far.
However, even if the game is not published, there is a high possibility that “the author simply did not notice”, so please do not be offended by the creators.

I’ve researched all the games in detail, but not all of them… but there’s no such thing as “not researching at all”.
I made it with love, so I hope you continue to enjoy this site!

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