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The technical power poured into PlayStation 4 and the relationship between multiplayer

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Crystal of Technology PlayStation 4

PS4 is packed with Sony’s accumulated technology. There are a number of options, from the ones that everyone knows to the ones that are little user awareness and therefore rarely used. Among them, I would like to introduce the ones that are effective for offline multiplayer play.


Virtual reality system. Since you enter the world of one person, the impression is far from offline multiplayer, but immediately after the launch, SONY strongly appealed as a product that can be used for party play. Even if it’s for one person, it’s pretty fun to have a family relay the headset. Explain the details here! →


Even if you don’t have to prepare controllers for the number of people, if you install the “companion app (free)” for each game on your smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy exciting offline multiplayer with up to 4 people. There are games that are not just a replacement for controllers, such as “a screen that only you can see” and “use functions as a phone”, but also create a different dimension of fun.

PS Remote Play

By installing “PSRemotePlay” on your smartphone or tablet, you can use your smartphone as a controller (up to 1 device can be connected in offline multiplayer). However, it is difficult to operate, so consider it as insurance. Originally a function for playing games away from the PS4 main unit, it can also be installed on a PC.

Camera and Move

PS camera is essential for VR. Playstation Move (motion controller) is an option that makes VR games more fun (preferably two). The truth is… The combination of the two without VR is pretty good for a party game. There was a lot of compatible software for PS3. There are some fun ways to use the PS4 as a family.

3D Stereoscopic

The biggest hidden character. Its presence was advertised on the PS3, but it’s actually implemented on the PS4 as well. Requires a 3D capable TV to run. PS4 compatible software is quite small. This is more suitable for party games than VR where you can enjoy 3D alone. This is because everyone can see stereoscopic images at the same time. It can’t be helped because the evolution of television has moved away from 3D, but I wanted it to spread more.

The details of each item will be developed in separate articles in the future.

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