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Super Bomberman R


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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2018/6/14
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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PublisherKonami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

Exhilarating bomb action! Unique and cute character! A classic battle game that needs no explanation!

Anyone can enjoy with simple operation!

The basic

  1. Place bomb
  2. It will explode after a certain amount of time, and the blast will destroy walls and enemies!


Once you get used to it, you can use items and use the unique special moves for each character.

Various Battle Modes

There are two ways to play four players offline: [Battle Mode] and [Grand Prix Mode].

Battle Mode

Basic knockdown showdown mode. You can individual battle, where everyone is an enemy, or team battle, where you divide your team.

Grand Prix Mode

There are four battle rules below, and in each case you will split into two teams and fight.

  • Basic Similar to Battle Mode, but with “Number of Units” and competing for the number of kills
  • CrystalsCompete for the amount of crystals scattered in the field
  • Checkpoints Compete for the time to conquer 3 designated areas
  • Escort Compete for the number of 10 “Barom-chans” that you compete for

And various battle methods are prepared, so you can enjoy without getting bored. Match bad players with good players and adjust team balance so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

  • You guys are a little too strong!
  • Ani teaming up with Mom
  • Mom I will protect you!

Lots of Characters

In addition to the many characters available from the start, you can unlock characters little by little with the points (gems) you accumulate each time you play. Each character has one unique special move, and this character performance can be used to set a substantial handicap.

Replay elements too

Points (gems) can be used to purchase not only “characters”, but also “battle stages” and “accessories” that add a little accent to your character’s appearance. Collecting these is fun.
Points (gems) can be obtained when the stage is completed in both story and battle modes.

Very individualistic

At home, Dad often uses “a character that speeds up the activation time of the bomb”. Nearby players will encounter a powered-up Dad, but since the probability increases, they will unite and move to get rid of Dad as soon as possible.

  • Whoa, Dad already got a kick!
  • Let’s go pincer!
  • I will support you from afar with punches!

Story mode is also fun

Unfortunately, “Story Mode”, which is treated as a bonus for the purpose of this site, can only be played by two people at the same time, but it’s still fun. It can also be used as a practice match, so if you can’t win, please try it. Also, if you meet certain conditions and clear the story mode, you may unlock a special character…

  • Let’s do it together!
  • I’m too busy right now
  • Let’s do Ani!
  • Story mode with two people…

*A newer version has been released.

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Dad’s soliloquy
I've been enjoying it since the first Famicom version. The setting that the main character is a robot that was the enemy of Road Runner was also shocking.

The PC engine version, which allows 5-player battles, was played with friends... At this time, I learned the fun of multiplayer.

The characters are Simon, Goemon, Big Viper, etc., and they are all clearly uncle-oriented...Thank you, Konami (Hudson)!