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Advantages of playing 4 players offline on PS4/PS5

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It’s pretty fun playing games with everyone in front of the TV on PS4/PS5! I want to convey its charm!

When it comes to party games, many people think of Nintendo game consoles, but there are many sites that introduce them, and this site dares to introduce PS4/PS5 games. I will continue.

Speaking of PS4/PS5…

  • Many games are played alone in a built-in world
  • Enhanced online matches

I think that’s the impression you get. This site introduces only games that exploit the reverse of this characteristic. There may be little information because there is no demand. Even if you search for it, aren’t you only introduced to similar games? I’ll dig deep into it. In fact, the PS4 and PS5 have great potential as game consoles for party games.

Before I made this site, I thought, “There aren’t many games that can be played offline with 4 people on the PlayStation.” But…I actually looked it up and there are over 600!

Benefits of playing offline 4-player games on PS4/PS5

The following are the attractions of PS4 and PS5.

  • Fast processing speed
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Actually, there are surprisingly many 4-player games
  • Sony’s Hidden Technology

Processing speed/Graphic ability

Playing with 4 people at the same time means that it takes a long time to process (especially 3D split screen). Graphics processing speed directly leads to comfort of play.

Unlike online multiplayer, It’s easier to see what other players are doing, which I think is one of the appeals of offline multiplayer. Especially games that can be made even if you have friends a little far away Stardew Valley  Minecraft , split screen play is really fun (details are explained at each link). You can’t experience this in online multiplayer where you interact with voice. Especially this split screen requires machine power. You can play PS4/PS5 more comfortably than other hardware.
Also, if you have a PS5 or PS4 Pro and a “PS4 Pro ENHANCED” compatible game, 4K output is possible, so you can play on a more beautiful screen. The games introduced on this site are premised on how to play “one TV with everyone”. TV screens are getting bigger, and the environment where you can enjoy offline battles is expanding. The advantage of being able to play in 4K is huge.

Lack of portability is an advantage

These days, elementary school students spend more and more time continuing to look at small screens on Nintendo game consoles, smartphones, tablets, etc. Offline battles on PS4 and PS5 are based on the assumption that you will be playing on a large screen, and you will have more opportunities to take your eyes off the screen and have a direct conversation. Don’t keep looking at one place is also a big advantage.

Also, by playing games together, it is useful for education such as “play on time”, “do your best after playing the game”, and “how to think about winning and losing”!

Sony’s Hidden Technology

PS4 has a lot of hidden features that aren’t used much, probably because there is no demand for it among PlayStation users. In the “offline match”, it’s all about the exciting elements. Details are explained on the following pages. The technical power poured into PlayStation 4 and the relationship between multiplayer →

Actually, the additional controller is not that expensive (Currently, PS4 only)

Since the original list price of the original controller (Dualshock) is high, adding a controller to the PlayStation would be expensive, wouldn’t it? You might think that, but there are actually licensed products that can be purchased for around 2,000 yen (currently PS4 only)! Details are explained on the following pages. Let’s prepare controllers for the number of people (PS4 version) →

How to use PS4 for dads

Having increased the family’s enjoyment and increased the existence value of “PlayStation is amazing!”… As a dad, I also want to enjoy playing games alone!
I would like to tell you as much as possible how to enjoy it so that it does not become narrow in the family.

Evaluation items unique to this site

The “Public review” parameter on each game introduction page is a mix of game rating points from multiple well-known sites. However, I think that many of these evaluations are for when you play alone, so it’s just a reference…

There are many games that aren’t very well received in single-player mode, but are much more fun in an offline 4-player party.
Even if you don’t understand the story, and even if you don’t clear it to the end, if it’s compatible with “I’ll do it while talking with everyone”, it will be a lot of fun.

The “Recommend” parameter is the author’s own addition to that area.

I don’t care about negative points when I’m offline

There are games that have lost their reputation due to online lack of population, match problems, etc., and games that can still be enjoyed in offline multiplayer.
Online games also have the following concerns. Don’t worry if you play offline!

  • There are cheats and trolls
  • Even if you don’t, your words tend to be rough
  • Stress during internet communication (waiting time, delay, processing failure)

If you’ve read this far and are interested, check out the game list below to find a game that might suit your tastes! More than 600 introduction games! Click here for the game list →
Click here for posting criteria for introduced games →

Bonus: PS4/PS5 prices soaring

For the time being, I will post the product link of the main body below. But…

  • PS5 originally had high user expectations ・PS4 regains popularity
  • Worldwide Semiconductor Shortage Due to Corona
  • Infestation of resellers

For these reasons, the price of both PS5 and PS4 has exploded (tears). Check back often and wait for the price to drop!

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