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Stardew Valley


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Feeling of going out
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Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2019/1/31
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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Supports split-screen play! Let's enjoy the leisurely country life!

Farming, livestock farming, and a leisurely life…You can freely enjoy the rural life.

The game begins when the main character,tired of living in the city, moves to the countryside.
Level up a desolate farm and lay it out freely for farming and livestock.

Deepen friendships with residents of nearby towns, leisurely fish, challenge mines with monsters…
There is no problem even if you do not do farming.
Quest events always flow into the “diary” displayed with the touchpad buttons, so it’s fun to progress through them.

It’s a game where you can do a lot of things, but there aren’t many things that you have to do by a certain time, so feel free to do what you like.
There is a flow of day and night, and after 2 o’clock at night, you die of exhaustion. Be in bed by then.
This day-to-day division is excellent…It also helps me sharpen my work, and I end up going into overtime thinking, “Let’s do this for just one more day and then finish!”

It’s a dot picture graphic that makes you feel nostalgic, but there’s a sense of realism as if you were in that world.

The change of graphics with the change of seasons and the change of time is beautiful.
Character creation can also be selected from a wide variety of parts, so let’s create a character that looks exactly like the player!

Split-screen 4-player play is possible with version 1.5 or later

It’s been several years since its release, but it’s been updated frequently, and now it’s finally possible to split-screen 4-player play!
How to play with 4 people… (Introducing only the minimum method and settings)

  1. Select “CO-OP” on the title menu screen
  2. Select “Split Screen” on the next screen
  3. Select “Host New Farm…”
  4. In the left frame of the player (1P) creation screen, set the number of “Starting Cabins” to the number of “number of people you want to play – 1”
  5. Set the appearance and name of the player (1P), select the farm type, and select “OK”
  6. Watch the opening (you can skip it if you set “Skip Intro” on the previous screen)
  7. When the opening is complete, press the “option button” on the 2nd to 4th controllers to join

In addition, you can set your home apart from each other at the start, set your income a little lower (because the speed at which you earn money increases when you play with 4 people), whether you share money with everyone or hold it individually, etc. I have.

There are multiple farm types available, but each one is quite distinctive…The world outside the farm doesn’t change, but the farm you use every day. Gameplay will change dramatically.It’s a pretty fun game to start from an inconvenient life, saying “I’ll start over again!” At that time, if you change the “farm type” to something else, you can enjoy another life with a fresh feeling!

There aren’t that many leisurely country life games like this that can be played by 4 people at the same time on a split screen… Glad to see this update!After all, the feeling of living in another world + playing while chatting is very compatible!

In addition, the fact that it has an easy-to-understand appearance with pixel art is effective, and it is quite easy to see even if the screen is split (you can reduce the scale of each screen to widen the field of view, but the default no problem at all).

There are more and more things I want to do. Since there is only a limited amount of time in a day, I think one of the good things about multiplayer is that if everyone can divide their roles and work on their own tasks, there will be less “I wanted to do that too”.

In addition, I felt that split-screen play was more exciting than online multiplayer, as I could immediately see what everyone was doing!

  • Let’s start the game! Let’s run a big farm together!
  • The controls are pretty similar to Minecraft, so it’s easy to understand.
  • Using a pickaxe or an ax is almost the same!
  • You can go fishing. I want to do it soon~

Incredible creation!

Mr. Eric Barone is almost alone, and this game was created over the course of five years…
It looks light, but the amount of various elements included is ridiculous!

My family played without information at first. You can enjoy it, but Official WIKI is essential to know the contents of the game more deeply!
However, there may be spoilers, so please be careful when browsing the WIKI.

Huge volume

  • About 40 kinds of crops can be grown!
  • About 10 kinds of livestock can be raised!
  • Over 100 craftable tools and furniture! !
  • There are about 90 kinds of seafood that you can catch and catch! !
  • About 70 dishes can be made!
  • About 40 kinds of monsters appear in mines!
  • There are about 50 kinds of minerals that can be collected from mines!
  • In addition, there are still more building extensions, tools, weapons, equipment, and hidden elements!

And these are not just a large number, but each has a different personality and effect set in detail.

Rich event


Two or three times each season, festival events occur in the city. Everyone will go out to the lively decorated venue.

  • Today is the Egg Festival that was announced in the letter! Let’s go to town!
  • Isn’t it eight o’clock yet? The festival hasn’t started yet.
  • Let’s pass the time by doing some maintenance on the fields.
  • It’s 9 o’clock while I’m doing that
  • Let’s go!
Mine (dungeon)

After a few days of in-game time, you’ll be able to enter mines full of monsters and minerals.
There are 120 floors underground, and the structure of the dungeon changes every 10 floors.
And… there are other dungeons besides this “mine”.

  • Mine? Sounds like fun. Let’s go in.
  • Mom doesn’t like action games, but she likes this kind of cave exploration…
  • There are a lot of enemies.
  • I love this!
  • Oh, when I defeated a slime with a ★ mark, I dropped something.
  • Oh! Get a rare weapon!
Skills and levels

Farming / Mining / Gathering / Fishing / Battle
Each of the five items has the concept of “experience points”, and if you complete various numbers, your level will increase.
There are up to 10 levels, and the number of items that can be crafted increases with each level.
At levels 5 and 10, you can choose your “job” from several options and acquire special abilities such as increasing the collection rate.

Fellowship with residents

All residents with 30 or more people have an individual “friendship level” with the player, which increases by talking to them and giving gifts.
Each inhabitant has a different “favorite food”.
And… there are 6 male and 6 female singles, and in the end it is possible to get married and have children.
Players can also marry each other.
When playing with a family, the setting may be a little different from reality (bitter smile)… but that’s a lot of fun as a second life!

  • No way… Boy will get married first.
  • What if Dad and Mom get married too?
  • Heart-pounding… Mom, the second proposal! marry me!
  • (Let’s hang out)
And there are various things, but in the end…

There are too many things to do, so many things! I’ll give it a try, but… in the end, I realize that the basic farming is pretty fun.

  • It’s cute if you enclose it with fences and paths and divide the crops into blocks!
  • Create a sprinkler for automatic watering
  • Encourage growth with fertilizer
  • Repel a crow with a scarecrow
  • Sell, eat, and cook the harvest…

It’s really filling! !

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Dad’s soliloquy
Split-screen play was implemented in the PC and Switch versions ahead of time, so I've been waiting impatiently!