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Puyo Puyo Champions


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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~8 players
Trial version-
Release date2018/10/25
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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PublisherSEGA of America, Inc.

Classic falling puzzle. Chains are fun!

The classic drop puzzle! Thanks for the conscientious pricing!

Online matches are strong, but… As expected of Sega. You can also enjoy offline battles!

The rules are below.

  1. Two “Puyo” (with multiple colors) fall from above in a connected state
  2. Rotate and move the falling Puyo to place anywhere
  3. If you connect 4 or more puyos of the same color vertically and horizontally, they will disappear
  4. Depending on the number of puyos erased at the same time, “Ojama puyo” will fall on the opponent
  5. You lose if you pile up puyos all the way to the top of the screen
  6. If you can erase it in a chain, the damage to the opponent will increase!

There are two major battle rules

This game has various modes, but on this site, we will only explain the offline battle “Multi player”. First, choose one of the two rules involved in the direct manipulation of the game.

Puyo Puyo 2 Rules
  • 2 puyo drops every time
  • There aren’t that many performance differences between characters
  • Simple match rules
Puyo Puyo Fever Rules
  • The combination of puyos that fall every time is different for each character
  • Instead of rotating, you can change the color freely
  • When the Fever Gauge fills up, it enters a Fever state, allowing for a big chain
  • A mode where even beginners can experience the pleasure of a big chain

At home, we mainly play “Puyo Puyo 2” rules.

After deciding the rules, next select “VS” or “Tournament”. “VS” can be played by up to 4 people at the same time. “Tournament” repeats the two-player battle in a tournament format (up to 8 people can participate and can be done with 2 controllers). Our house is mainly “VS”.

Various settings make it possible to enjoy playing against opponents with different levels!

  • Handicap Five levels from Sweet to Spicy. Spicy is quite difficult
  • Comeback Assist When ON, the losing player will have a significant advantage in the next match
  • Teaming up Make the weak team up with the strong
  • Fever rules Great chain even for beginners!
  • Dad and Ani are strong~
  • Let’s make it a team battle. Boya is me. Mom teams up with Ani.
  • Dad is Spicy because Dad is a bit better.
  • Yeah, let’s chain the two together!

User-friendly pricing and frequent updates

First… The list price is too cheap. In addition, they often have sales, and I bought it at the PS store for a cheaper price than the convenience store bento. And… it has been updated frequently since its initial release. It’s not about squashing bugs, it’s adding fun features all the time. Thank you Sega for your corporate efforts!

Cute characters and chained voices

Cute characters that satisfy girls. When chained, it will liven up with a unique loose voice. I’m not good at anime voices, but this voice is indispensable in this game! Some hidden characters do not appear unless you enter a special command.

Chain practice

The real thrill of Puyo Puyo is the “great chain”. If you are not good at it, try “Lesson” mode. All things considered, I think it’s going to be pretty good.

  • I can’t chain at all~
  • Go through all the lesson modes. There used to be a game called Nazo Puyo…that’s what I trained with.
  • Eh, it’s annoying
  • (Young Mon these days…)
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Dad’s soliloquy
I'm addicted to Mega Drive's Puyo Puyo Dori. Taking advantage of that experience, I have a huge face in front of my family, but there is also a blank, and now my limit is 5 chains...

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