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This is the family that plays the games introduced on this site


Since elementary school, he has played Famicom, PC Engine, and Sega Saturn. He is working hard to make the best use of the game at home. He likes RPGs and car games. He gets mad at times.


Influenced by his brother, he enjoys playing games as a child. Currently, he’s not very enthusiastic about playing games, but when I ask him to play with me from time to time, he seems to be enjoying himself. He is not good at games with complicated controls.


eldest son. Middle school students. His internet literacy is high, so the restrictions on smartphones are relaxed. He is a kind older brother who cares about his time and plays games with him when he invites him. He’s more calm than Chichi, and if you analyze it, he’s the best in the family.


second son. Elementary school seniors. He is addicted to Fortnite. He loves to interfere and attack each other, and even games that don’t do that are forced in that direction. He is good at action games. He cries when he loses.

In this way, we are a family with different game proficiency levels and favorite genres, so I think many people will be able to enjoy the games that our family enjoyed. The “Recommend” parameter on each game introduction page is the degree from our home. On the other hand, if four people who are good at games get together, please refer to “Difficulty”.

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