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Arcade Paradise


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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2022/8/12
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(exclusive)
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Over 35 nostalgic arcade games can be played based on the renovation of the game center!

While running a laundromat entrusted to me by my parents…
I will secretly ignore my parents’ intentions and expand the small game corner.

Mainly operates a coin laundry for solo play

It’s mostly a solo game. Only some mini-games (arcade game cabinets) include those that can be played by 2 or 4 players.
Operate a laundromat while earning change like a mini game by cleaning toilets, picking up gum, doing laundry, repairing foundations, etc.
Based on that earnings, purchase game cabinets in the game corner and gradually increase your income.

The “arcade game” that you gradually unlock and increase is not a bonus element, but all of them are built in.
It’s a parody of a nostalgic game or an original one.
And each game has multiple elements to play, and if you play it, the evaluation of the game will rise, which will lead to an increase in sales.

More than 35 types of arcade games that can be purchased as game cabinets!

It will introduce a part of.

4 players

6. Bomb Dudes

Top-down bomb action. Similar to “Bomberman”.

16.Knuckles and Knees

Belt scroll action. Similar to “Streets Of Rage”.

17.Line Terror

Enforcement puzzle action. It looks like “QIX”.

18.Meteor Madness

Shooting action with a simple line drawing.

35.Zombat 2

Shoot zombies approaching in 360° from a top-down view.

Can be played with two players

1.Air Hockey

Real air hockey.

7. Bugai!

A puzzle that ejects a ball and erases the same color. It’s similar to “Puzzle Bobble”.

8. Championship Darts

Real housing darts.

10. Cyber ​​Dance

Press the four-way controller in time with the rhythm. It’s like “Dance Dance Revolution”.

20. Shuttlecocks

An old badminton game with black and white dots.

25.Table Football

Round and round soccer in a real housing.

29. Video Air Hockey

Pixel art air hockey.

30.Vostok 2093

A relatively new Famicom-style vertical scrolling shooter among the included games.

Solo play only

2. Attack Vector

Shoot down a helicopter with a tank in the world of line art looking down.


The dog breaks the block of the bar. It looks like “Arkanoid”.

4. Blobs from Space

Simple shooting. It looks like “Galaga”.

5. Blockchain

Falling puzzle. Let’s erase the blocks of numbers by arranging them.

9. Communists from Mars

A tower defense that shoots down UFOs approaching from the sky from the central battery.

11. Fruit Crush

Falling puzzle. Line up 4 fruits to make them disappear. The rules are “Puyo Puyo”.

12.Graffiti Ballz

It’s like painting a wall with a spray can, but… A puzzle game where you match the colors of the balls.

13. Gravichase

Escape your aircraft from a hexagon with one side that is getting smaller and smaller.

14. Hutsler

Billiards in a real cabinet.

15. Jukebox

A jukebox in a real case.

19.Racer Chaser

Drive through the city while avoiding cops from a top-down perspective. Rules are “PAC-MAN”.

21. Slim Pipes

Rotate the square panels and connect the panels. It’s “Pipe Dream”.

22. Space Race Simulator

Pseudo 3D racing. It reminds me of “Outrun”.

23.Stack Overflow

A puzzle game where you stack up cardboard boxes of the same color.

24. Strike Gold

A puzzle action that digs underground. Similar to “Mr. Driller”.

26. Thump A Gopher

Whack-a-mole in a real housing.

27. Toad & Turtle

Road crossing and river crossing action from a top-down perspective.

28.UFO Assault

Shooting that destroys buildings by dropping bombs from UFOs in the sky.

31.WoodGal Jr
34. Woodguy Junior

lumberjack game. Similar to “Timberman VS”.

32. WoodGal’s Adventure

Top-down adventure. Combat with enemies is a falling object puzzle.

33. Woodguy Golf

A simple golf game.

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