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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2020/9/23
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
Play style
Screen style
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Lay rails in front of a fast-moving train in the voxel world!

Build rails by destroying mountains, knocking down trees, and clearing paths while collecting materials.
Let’s efficiently lay rails in front of the train that moves slowly and arbitrarily.

A screen composition that looks down on the world made of voxels from an angle.
All objects are very cute.
There is also the flow of time, and the night is pitch black. It is necessary to skillfully capture the characteristics of each stage, such as rain and snow, deserts and heavy snowfall areas.
Beware of thieves who steal materials and rails.

It takes a lot of thinking to capture

There is only one Axe for cutting trees, a Pickaxe for crushing rocks, and one Bucket for water. There is no such thing, so division of responsibilities and effective delivery of items are essential.

The configuration of the main train is as follows.

  • Engine … Motor vehicle. Upgrading increases the number of wagons that can be connected.
  • Wagon … A vehicle with various functions that is pulled by a motor vehicle.

There are 5 wagons that can be connected at the beginning.
Wagon filled with cooling water (It gradually heats up, and after a certain amount of time the train will go up in flames. It can be cooled and subsided with a bucket of water), wood and the material for the tracks. A wagon for stacking stones and a completed wagon for railroad tracks.
to this,
・Automatic suction of materials
・Make dynamite
・Illuminate the road at night
Choose a wagon with various functions, such as, and adjust it to your advantage.
You can also upgrade the abilities of each wagon in 3 steps.

・Trains cannot pass through (connecting ghost vehicles makes it possible to pass through)
・Allied characters cannot pass through
・Secure a line of flow for drawing water into the bucket
And I use my head quite a bit. It is important to have some space around the tracks.

  • So I’m going to cut down some trees
  • In Dad cuts down a mountain to make stone~
  • I’ll put the ingredients they drop in the wagon
  • I was thinking of laying a track, but Ani should have just done it. Comes with water in a bucket!
  • Oh! While I’m saying that, the train is on fire! Boya Hurry up!
  • Eh~ I was going to go to the water, but the trees are in the way~ Mom~ Hurry up and come over here! !
  • I’ve gone a little far, so I can’t go back soon~
  • I’ll think about that next time…

4 game modes

The game starts when you select the appearance of the operating character on the lobby screen. (Appearance types are unlocked as you progress through the game.)
In all modes, up to 4 players can play multiplayer.
There is a tutorial at the beginning, so it doesn’t take long to learn the basic operations.


Main game mode.
It’s fun to aim for the next station and extend the distance. Players work together to challenge.
For beginners, even the difficulty level “Normal” is quite difficult, so we recommend playing on “Easy” or “Kids” at first.

Every time you reach a station, you can take a break and collect “bolts” to upgrade your vehicle or add a special wagon.
There are bolts that you get when you arrive at the station, and bolts that are dropped along the way (often in hard-to-reach places).

By upgrading the engine, you will be able to challenge difficult stages such as plains → wilderness → snowy fields.
Don’t rush to buy an engine, but strengthen the wagon to your liking to some extent.


The screen is split vertically, divided into two teams and competing for the time to reach the station.
It settles quickly and burns quite a bit.


A mode in which you compete for the shortest time to clear a single stage.


You can freely combine the wagons released in endless mode and test drive in a short stage.
Find the perfect combination.

  • Let’s try battle mode!
  • So Dad and Mom will be a team
  • I’m on a team with Boya
  • So I’m (again) chopping trees
  • How can I make the shortest route… fill the short river with a bridge and go over it
  • Like
  • It’s important to build tracks quickly
  • Oh! The vehicle is on fire!
  • Uh…I filled up the river…I can’t put out the fire…
  • Ani’s idiot! !
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