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Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition


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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2019/4/4
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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Completely remastered the first generation of the popular American comic style FPS series!

BORDERLANDS series, which is difficult to understand the series order by name.
The one released in the Playstation3 era has been remastered with HD support and DLC included.
Since the sale is later than the sequel “Handsome Collection”, some elements of “Borderlands 2” are also incorporated.

Epic Story

Set on the frontier planet Pandora, where monsters and rogues infest, a magnificent story depicting the people who landed on the planet with various thoughts around the Vault, a legacy of aliens. A unique cartoon-style rendering with a touch of American comic style enhances the atmosphere and arouses the imagination.

Classes with different traits and nearly infinite weapons

You can enjoy the whole main mode with 4 people by splitting the screen. This series is described as a perfect fusion of FPS and RPG (+ hack and slash elements). Each character has different abilities, and as you level up, you can strengthen your specialties in the skill tree. Develop your own unique character that fits your playstyle. Freely conquer numerous missions such as the main story and sub missions!

There are multiple types of weapons that are based on them, and various abilities are multiplied. There are more than 10 million species. Since they are randomly dropped, it is a replay element like Hack and slash. Also, there is compatibility between the attributes of enemies and weapons, so you need to think carefully when choosing a weapon.

It’s a ridiculously well-crafted game, so if you want to know more about it, search the internet!

Borderlands 1

A story about unraveling the secrets of the alien ruins “the Vault” sleeping on the planet Pandora.

Player Character


Class: Soldier
young black man. He is a standard character who masters firearms.


Class: Berserker
An old man with short hair. A character that specializes in melee attacks.


Class: Hunter
Looks like Daisuke Jigen wearing goggles. He specializes in handling sniper rifles. He also has a pet falcon.


Class: Siren
A woman with short red hair. She has the ability to become invisible.

The latest work “Borderlands 3” is 4-player split-screen support for PS5 only. Please note that the PS4 version is limited to 2 players.
Also, for some reason, the “Legendary Collection” that includes this work is clearly stated in the official store as “two-player battle with split screen”. Please note that you may not be able to play 4 players.

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Dad’s soliloquy
The world view somehow reminds me of Mr. Takeichi Terasawa's "Cobra". I enjoyed the Tirbo Grafx 16 CD version.

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