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Borderlands 3


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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2020/11/12
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The latest in the popular American comic style FPS series. Finally jump out of the planet Pandora and go to various stages!

The latest in the popular series. In this work, for the first time in the series, the game progresses in various environments by jumping out of the planet Pandora.

About split-screen offline multiplayer

Only the PS5 version supports 4-person split screen. Please note that the PS4 version is limited to 2 players.

Epic Story

An epic story about the Vault, a legacy of aliens. A unique cartoon-style rendering with a touch of American comic style enhances the atmosphere and arouses the imagination. Even those who have been playing since this work can access past works on this official page Please rest assured that you can review the story of!

Classes with different traits and nearly infinite weapons

The full main mode can be enjoyed by 4 people (up to 2 people in the PS4 version) on a split screen. This series is described as a perfect fusion of FPS and RPG (+ hack and slash elements). Each character has different abilities, and as you level up, you can strengthen your specialties in the skill tree. Develop your own unique character that fits your playstyle. Freely conquer numerous missions such as the main story and sub missions!

There are multiple types of weapons that are based on them, and various abilities are multiplied. There are more than 100 million species. Since they are randomly dropped, it is a replay element like Hack and slash. Also, there is compatibility between the attributes of enemies and weapons, so you need to think carefully when choosing a weapon.

It’s a ridiculously well-crafted game, so if you want to know more about it, search the internet!

Player Character


Class: The Siren
woman with long hair. She summons etheric fists at her command to crush her foes.


Class: The Beastmaster
wandering robot. Hunt your enemies with a loyal pet monster at your side.


Class: The Gunner
A petite soldier. She digitally generates a gigantic mecha, climbs into it, and pilots it.


Class: The Operative
A fearless old man with white hair and white beard. Make full use of various battle items such as her drone and own clone.

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