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Feeling of going out
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I don't know when to stop! Create a world with too much freedom! Good for children's education!

The possibilities are endless! Let’s live in a world that is too free

In a vast world of mountains, seas, and flatlands, Minecraft is free to do whatever you want. At first, there are no tools and nothing, just starting from a primitive state.
Anyway, it’s really free. There’s just too much to do, and Mojang is doing a great job adding features all the time. It is also effective in terms of education. We’ll have a special feature sometime soon, but here we’ll only introduce how to enjoy the early stages of offline multiplayer.


Create the world first. At that time, there are quite a lot of setting items, but there are recommended settings for family use, so let’s set only three.

Default game mode

to “Survival”. There is a concept of physical strength and hunger, and it is a mode that dies if the enemy kills it. The tension creates a sense of mutual help.

Run cheat

to “on”. for the settings below.

holding your belongings

to “on”. You no longer drop your inventory when you die. It hurts to lose your stuff when you don’t know what to do…

How other players join

With the latest version, it’s hard to understand how to join other offline players. It may be just my environment, but for some reason the reaction is bad. For reference, here’s how we do it…
When one player is in the world, if another player logs in and repeatedly hits the “OPTION” + “X” button, they will be able to enter after repeating this two or three times. If you have similar symptoms, please try it.

The feeling that only the family was thrown out in a world without civilization…

These days, even if the parent has no experience with Minecraft, there are cases where the child has experienced on a smartphone/tablet or at a friend’s house.
If you have experience, you can start the game immediately. Encourage your child to show leadership. I don’t know what to do if I don’t have experience. There is a world called “Tutorial”, so let’s try it.
Our family started with Ani having a lot of experience and Boya having a little experience.

  • Game Start! First of all… where is everyone?
  • I made a tall tower, can you see it? Let’s meet there!
  • What should we do next?
  • I absolutely need a bed that lets me skip the night.
  • Well, I’ll cut the tree for you, so the three of you should kill the sheep and collect the pelts. For 4 people, we need 12.
  • Wow! ! Something strange is chasing me! What is this green guy~
  • If you get too close, it will explode, so run away! I will beat you! ! Have been waiting!
  • Boya, you can count on me!

By the way, my brother who had experience said that it was another fun to do it as a family!

First of all, once you get used to the basic operation, another way to enjoy

Then, gradually increase the number of things you do one at a time. If the parents are inexperienced like ours, I think it would be good to have experienced people (children) suggest how to enjoy it. For example:

  • Exploring CavernsGaining Valuable Ore
  • Exploring the FieldsIt’s just fun to walk around, there’s a lot of terrain
  • Build a houseStart with a simple box. Gradually use various building materials to make it fashionable
  • Grow LivestockGrow and breed cows and birds. You can also get eggs and milk
  • Grow VegetablesPlow your fields and grow carrots and potatoes. Harvest Joy
  • FishingMake fishing gear, cast a line and wait…
  • Now that you’ve built a safe house, what’s next?
  • Let’s explore the caves, I think there was a big one in the north.
  • No preparation needed?
  • I need a pickaxe and a torch.
  • Let’s cut the tree first. It’s used to make pickaxes and torches. Everyone gather a lot.
  • Wouldn’t a stone pickaxe be better than a wooden pickaxe?
  • Yes. Then I’ll prepare some stones too
  • Annie, you can count on me!

Expansive fields, cave exploration, collaborative work…all of which will give you the feeling of going out.

It’s hard to go out due to the corona crisis, but living in the world of Minecraft feels like you’re really outside.
Since the game will be played on a 4-split screen, the various information called the HUD will be slightly smaller. We recommend playing on a large screen if possible.

I still can’t explain Minecraft

After this, there are still more advanced ways to play, but as a relationship between family and games, there are also ways to enjoy it in a slightly different direction, such as the following.

  • Fashionable architectureLook up on Youtube, etc., and imitate
  • VR CompatibleLooking at the created world in VR is exceptional
  • Add a whole new game to the MarketplaceMany of them are free
  • Studying Electronic CircuitsA Redstone Device
  • Learning about programmingSlightly away from PS4, but for children who are interested in Minecraft

If you are interested, please search and find out. I will explain it in another column!

My home…

Boya goes out of control just because he knows a little about Minecraft…

For inexperienced people, I would like to increase the number of things that I can do little by little, but Boya immediately says, “I want to do that, I want to do this.” Feeling “left behind” is strictly prohibited in family multiplayer. It’s hard to get them to understand that putting up with it will result in more time for everyone to play games.

  • Let’s build a redstone device!
  • ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • What’s that? ?
  • Isn’t it too early? I have to explain little by little…
  • You can do a lot of fun things! It will move automatically!
  • (More and more I don’t know what it is…)
  • Let’s start with the minecart accelerator. The trolley itself is interesting.
  • Ani, you can count on me! ! !
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