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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands


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Feeling of going out
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Number of players1~4 players
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Release date2022/3/25
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Borderlands spin-off! Play western fantasy with Hack and slash FPS system!

“Borderlands” series of popular Hakusura FTP. This work is its spin-off.
Play on the board of the T (table talk) RPG created in the game world (inside the planet Pandora) by the bomb girl “Tiny Tina” that appears in the second series!
That’s the setting.

That’s why… It’s a Western fantasy world view, but FTP can fire a gun like hell.
A game that you can’t experience anywhere else has been born!

About split-screen offline multiplayer

Only the PS5 version supports 4-person split screen. Please note that the PS4 version is limited to 2 players. (On the PS store, the PS4 version also has 1-4 characters, but don’t be fooled.)

Operability and gameplay inherited from the “Borderlands” series

  • Extreme variety of weapons (over a billion?!)
  • Generous weapon drops. Get stronger and stronger!
  • The exhilarating feeling of shooting!
  • More magic is added this time!
  • The real thing starts from clearing the story! Plenty of round play!

Also, the crazy Tiny Tina is the game master…

  • The world view and settings change during the game…
  • A crazier, more textual story

And in a good way, there is no seriousness and it is loose.
Shoot anyway! Keep powering up! It is made so that you can concentrate on.
Officially, it seems that they want to popularize this as “#hyatfantasy” (laughs)

Character Creation

In each Borderlands series, class = character, and if you choose a character by appearance, the direction of how to fight was decided to some extent…
In this game, you can freely choose your character and class!
It’s hot to be able to customize the appearance with the Borderlands pattern.
When it comes to choosing men and women, it’s “like that” and “like this”, and it’s perfect for political correctness.

Six classes provided


Freeze and punch your opponent with the power of rage.


Wyvern is your partner. A hammer user who specializes in fire and lightning attacks.


A wizard of death, accompanied by a small skeleton. Scrape his own life to increase firepower.


A powerful magic user. There is also magic that turns enemies into cute sheep.

■Spore Warden

A master archer with a poisonous mushroom as his partner.


An assassin who specializes in stealth and delivers critical hits.

Each class has its own unique “skill tree”, and you can raise a warrior who can fight in your own way!
As you progress through the game, you will be able to set a “subclass”, and you will be able to fight with the characteristics of another class.


As a feature of this work that is not in the original family, there is an “overworld” that is sandwiched between map movements.
Explore the miniature garden world created by Tiny Tina from a top-down perspective like a Japanese RPG.
In an encounter system, you are in a battle state with an enemy. You will also be rewarded here.
You can also go to hidden areas by exploring the “Overworld”!

Actually the second one

A western fantasy world played with TRPG by Tiny Tina! There is actually a previous work for this setting.
Borderlands 2 large DLC 4th stage
“Tiny Tina and the Dragon’s Citadel ~One-shot Great Adventure in Wonderlands!”
is. It is said that this was so popular that it led to the release of this work.
“Borderlands Double Deluxe Collection” introduced on this site includes this DLC.
When it’s on sale, it’ll be nearly 1,000 yen, and you can play with 4 people on PS4 with a split screen.

Single item sale is also available…
I think four people can play with split screen, but the PS Store description says “1-2 people”. Please purchase at your own risk.

Free with PS Plus Extra
Go to purchase page (Next-Level Edition) (PS Store US)
Price: $69.99
Go to purchase page (Chaotic Great Edition) (PS Store US)
price: $89.99
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Dad’s soliloquy
What is a T (Table Talk) RPG?… An “interactive” role-playing game (RPG) that uses tools such as paper, pencils, and dice to play according to conversations and rulebook rules without using a computer such as a game machine. is. There is only one "game master" who acts as a facilitator.

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