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Speed Crew


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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2024/1/31
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(exclusive)
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PublisherWild Fields Ltd.

Become a pit crew member and maintain your car during the race!

A so-called overcooked party game where you control cute CG characters from a top-down perspective.
You become the pit crew of a racing team (the people who quickly change tires during a race, as seen in F1 and the movie “Cars”), and tune the racing cars that arrive one after another.

First, scan the areas that require maintenance.
We lift the car with a jack, remove the defective parts, and replace them with new ones.
Since the setting is during a race… of course, let’s finish the work as much as possible and get back to the race.

The graphics are low-poly anime-style CG that anyone can relate to.
A retro mood has been added to the production, and it also has a somewhat Borderlands series feel to it.
In addition to co-op play, a mode called “Sabotage” lets you control a saboteur to get in the way of your repair team.

More than 40 ways to repair machines

The pit is in chaos as tires and broken engines are replaced, damaged sheet metal is repaired (by hitting it with a hammer!), refueling, etc.
Some tasks require procedures, and efficient division of roles is essential.

More than 48 stages have various gimmicks

Compete in 4 racing championships.
Stage-specific gimmicks also add color to your play.
Multiple pit stops at the same time, moving floors, manholes spouting lava, weather changes, locked gates, etc…

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