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Feeling of going out
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Number of players1~4 players
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Release date2022/8/5
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(exclusive)
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PublisherPassionRepublic Games sdn. bhd.

Monster War! From a top-down perspective, flashy fighting while destroying the city!

A love of Japanese tokusatsu in a flashy battle royale fighting game!
Giant monsters “Titans” sleeping deep underground face off against giant human heroes who fight while destroying the city!

Basic fighting elements

Simple controls, unleash multiple basic moves and combination moves. The core of fighting games, “bargaining,” is also required in this game.
Each character has its own sense of distance, so practice as many times as you like to master the characteristics of your favorite character.
The basics are light attack, heavy attack, charge attack, grab, defense, evasion, and jump.

By accumulating the energy gauge from scattered orbs on the field and attacking enemies, the already huge character will become a “S class” that will grow even larger. It’s an important factor that affects the outcome, so don’t get the timing wrong.
If you take the “G” mark that occasionally appears on the map, you can unleash a super powerful special move.

The stage arena

There are more than 15 types of arenas, including ancient ruins, harbor towns, big cities, beach resorts, and industrial cities.
It’s full of locations that you might have seen in a monster movie, and it looks like it’s going to be completely destroyed! Such is the atmosphere.
People are on the run in town, and all arenas are pretty well-designed, and you can throw and destroy most objects.
By the end of the battle, most of the three-dimensional fields are burnt fields. (smile

The stage is surrounded by a circular barrier, from which you cannot exit.
Some stages have area shrinkage. After a certain amount of time has passed, magma, tsunami, etc. will approach.

Camera work that excites the battle

A bird’s eye view of the stage from above.
The camera work is excellent, and when the characters are far apart, the screen is pulled so that they all fit in. When the special move explodes, I will stop by.
The detailed character motions and flashy effects produced and elaborated fields will look great from any point of view and will make the battle even more exciting!

Game Modes


In all modes, 4 players can play offline.


Up to 4 player battle royale.


2 vs 2 team battle.


A collection of mini games where you fight with special rules. There are various rules such as:

  • Blows enemies out of bounds with tight footing
  • Defeat one giant boss with everyone
  • Throw UFOs
  • Drops enemies into deep giant pits
  • One hit kills instantly
  • throw hamburgers
  • Holding a big tree and punching each other
  • Compete for the Crown
  • shoot guns
  • Collect orbs and compete to be the first to grow
  • Compete for the most number of photospheres collected
  • Push giant bombs that explode after a certain amount of time
  • Compete to destroy the target building


Online-only mode.


Mode for solo play. “Gorogon”, “Pipidulus”, “Woolly”, and “Sandatross” are the main characters, and the story progresses through stage clearing.
Each has a solid story full of parodies and several difficulty settings to choose from.
There are many action game-like stages, and you can enjoy it only in this mode!


There is a “Gallery Mode” that allows you to see collected illustrations, detailed world views and character settings.

Attractive Characters

There are currently 10 characters that can be operated.
Each motion is very detailed and has unique skills. Find your favorite character.


Characterized by two huge arms, it is an image of the earth such as magma and rocky surface. Good at close combat.

  • DOUBLE PUNCH … Punch with both arms simultaneously
  • WILD VORTEX … Rotating punch with arms outstretched
  • TECTONIC TANTRUM … Continuously punches the ground and blows away the surrounding area
Feel the love of Japan! Source material consideration

The giant arms and body surface are 『EX Red King』. It is a symbol of supernatural power.
『MICLAS』 with a slightly blank face and horns. It is a “capsule monster” that is said to be the origin of Pokemon and Hoi Poi Capsule.


A supernatural energy user and a sniper who specializes in medium and long range.

  • ENERGY SHOT: CHARGED … Charge power to fire long-range cannon
  • DEFLECT … Block enemy attacks with a barrier
  • COSMIC POLARITY … Creates a black hole that absorbs everything
Feel the love of Japan! Source material consideration

The head form and luminous orange are 『ALIEN METRON』. Famous for super surreal episodes.
Her arms are 『ALIEN BALTAN』. No. 1 name recognition as an ultra monster!


A giant robot controlled by a boy. A power type that manipulates lightning and fights with a large sword. Color variations are cool.

  • LIGHTNING STRIKE … Lightning strikes a target
  • DIVINE BLADE … Swing down a sword with focused energy
  • HEAVEN SPLITTER … Cut up with high speed movement. A flash of thunder.
Feel the love of Japan! Source material consideration

The overall solid feeling is Combined Robot. I will not separate.
The face is a type with human-like parts. Personally, it reminded me of the Bandai Soul of Chogokin series.


A cheerful yeti that specializes in attacks using snow.

  • SNOWBALL … Transforms into a large snowball and rolls to attack
  • INHALE … Inhale enemies and flying objects into its mouth
  • AVALANCHE … An avalanche of snowballed Yeti brethren passes by
Feel the love of Japan! Source material consideration

Ultra monsters with yeti and snowman motifs include “Woo” and “Snowgon”, but they are not models.
“Kirby” may be a model for sucking things and being cute.


A veteran hero who sells speed and skill combos. It’s like a wrestler’s body type.

  • SPIRIT BURST … Consecutive punches while dashing forward
  • GIGA BEAM … Deadly ray after a fixed pose
  • HYPER GIGA BEAM … Fires a powerful beam from above at a specified location
Feel the love of Japan! Source material consideration

Needless to say, 『Ultraman』 is the model.
Obesity due to metabolic syndrome is not a Japanese work, but it reminds me of Mr. Incredibles.


A snail-type monster that specializes in attacks that use poison.

  • SKULL: HUNT DOWN … Throws a snail shell and pursues it
  • RAVEN CLAW … Jump and spin while falling
  • POISON DELUGE … Poison attack in a wide area around you
Feel the love of Japan! Source material consideration

In the black-and-white era “Ultra Q”, there are monsters with similar shapes such as “Namegon” and “Goga”, but if anything, 『TWIN TAIL』 and 『Mothra (larva)』 It may be a position of atypical system such as.


A summoner who looks like a plant and has the earth on her side.

  • RELOCATE … Teleport to another location. Can attack before and after teleporting
  • SUMMON MINION … Summons a small plant lifeform that tracks enemies
  • REIGN OF THE MONARCH … Summons giant creatures that fight automatically
Feel the love of Japan! Source material consideration

There are many plant monsters in Ultra monsters, but I personally remembered Godzilla’s “Biollante, Plant Beast Form”.


A building with a round-eyed soul. If you take damage, your body will crack.

  • CONCRETE ROLLER … Attack in a straight line while rotating
  • CONFUSION FLASH … Luminous from every window. Objects that are hit will not be able to move normally
  • SKYSCRAPER … Becomes a giant building and crushes enemies. Finally, remove the blinds above
Feel the love of Japan! Source material consideration

It’s an interesting idea to give life to the buildings that are in charge of being destroyed in monster movies! The name is also a pun on “King Kong”.


A majestic ancient dragon. It’s heavy, so it’s slow to walk, but it has many attacks that close the distance.

  • IMPERIAL CHARGE … Rush attack with horns.
  • DECIMATE: SUPERNOVA … Creates a small explosion around you
  • EXTINCTION BEAM … Breath attack that reaches quite a distance. Beam-shaped at the end
Feel the love of Japan! Source material consideration

The shape of the head is different, but the attack method and aura are exactly “Godzilla”. ! The universally recognized king of the monster world.

High-spec machine x 4 player game

In general, 4-player games are often simple because they require processing speed and visibility without clutter.
However, this work is a rare game that combines ease of viewing and liveliness by making the most of the craftsmanship and machine specs.
This PlayStation Official Blog Article However, the staff said “It’s basic to play in local matches”. We are very thankful for the offline group! !
While appreciating the deep love for Japan, let’s enjoy the flashy fighting with four people!

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Dad’s soliloquy
It's a work of a company based in Malaysia... but the love for Japan is tremendous. From the title screen, full of Tsuburaya Pro's old visuals. Japan has also been selected as the arena for the battle. With an option in the game, the color filter makes it look like an old black and white movie, and you can feel the love of Japan here too!