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DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round


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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version
Release date 2015/1/22
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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Screen style
Camera position
PublisherKOEI TECMO America

Free version is also available! People tend to focus on the softness of the body, but... it's a full-fledged fighting game with a lot of depth!

The DOA series is a 3D fighting game with a history that rivals the Virtua Fighter series and the Tekken series.

  • It takes a lot of tactics,Full-fledged fighting
  • Simple barrage is fun, but learning command techniques is exhilarating!

The game system is a hard orthodox fighting game!

The features that distinguish it from other 3D fighting games are as follows.

  • No jumps (some commands do)
  • Strike, Hold, and Throw are like a rock-paper-scissors game
  • The basics are the punch, kick, and hold buttons and their combinations (the number of unbelievable moves for each character!)
  • 36 characters appear!
  • Lots of stage gimmicks to liven up the battle

Half a turn of the lever… There are few tricks, and a variety of tricks will be unleashed by combining repeated hits.
It has the subtitle “LAST ROUND”, but no other version is available for PS4. It is the final version of the series that continues from PS3.
Guest characters from the Virtua Fighter series and Fatal Fury series are also participating.

Reliable construction for beginners

There is an Online manual on official site, so please check here for detailed operation methods and rules.
There are many practice modes in the game.

  • Training → Tutorial … Learn basic battle flow
  • Training → Command Training … Learn the skills of each character

Tag matches can be played with 4 players

Fighting → Versus → Tag Match
It is possible to compete in tag matches.
Compete in a 2 vs 2 format.
Each team fights in the main, and there are matching techniques unique to tag teams, such as taking turns with touches.

*The sequel “DOA6” has also been released, but unfortunately only two players can play offline.

Enriched “basic free version”

The “basic free version” of this work is not a trial version, but rather a paid version.

  • Only 4 characters can be used
  • Can’t play story mode

Except , you can play the same content as the paid version!
If you have other characters you want to play, you can purchase them separately for $3.99, so even if you use several characters, it will be cheap.

It’s rare to be able to do such a full-fledged fighting with 4 people! Let’s fight each other noisily!!

Free with PS Plus Extra
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Price: $39.99
Play for free version (PS Store US)
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Dad’s soliloquy
"Ryu Hayabusa", which can be used for free, is the main character of the popular NES series "NINJA GAIDEN" series. NES's "NINJA GAIDEN" was extremely difficult, but I remember clearing it several times.