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Override 2: Super Mech League


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Feeling of going out
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Number of players
1~4 players
Trial version
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    PS4 PS5(exclusive)
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Modus Games LLC

Fighting action with a giant robot! Series 2.

It is a sequel to the robot fighting game.

A brawl battle while destroying the city, which is even more powerful than the previous work!
Over 20 mechas. Dangerous arenas such as geysers and lava fields also appear.

Trial review

You can select the trial version on the purchase page. This trial version alone is quite interesting!

  • It is difficult to understand that there is a trial version. Purchase Page Select “Free” You can

VERSUS mode allows 4-player offline battles.
There is a mode in which you operate each body individually, and a mode in which you share the operation of each part, such as only the legs or hands.

From over 20 mechas, you can choose 3 in the trial version.
You can choose from 9 types of stages even in the trial version! The “differences” in this stage are really rich in variety, and the more you change the attack method, the more changes you will have in the match.

for example…

  • Jump up on the spring and reach the scaffolding in the sky. Gives the battle a three-dimensional effect
  • A stage full of lava. In addition to attack, you need a strategy to drive out the flames
  • An urban battle where you fight while destroying buildings. You can throw Bill
  • A floating ruin with scaffolding that floats and sinks over time. The vertical relationship is switched

Operations include large attack, small attack, jump (two steps), grab/throw, evasion, barrier, etc. Different tricks come out with that combination. This bargaining alone can be a fun battle, but the weapons that appear at predetermined intervals at regular intervals add excitement to the battle.

  • Large spear … A thrust that closes the distance at once from a distant location
  • Swords … Swift, fast-moving weapons
  • Hammer Frying Pan … Takes a little while to fire, but it does a lot of damage when it hits
  • Gun … Single-shot, fast-moving gun
  • Grenade launcher … The projectile speed is slow, but it flies in a parabola, and when it hits, it does a lot of damage


If you take damage or enter a yellow light charge area that occurs for a certain period of time, the yellow gauge below the physical strength gauge will fill. It’s pretty exhilarating to deal a lot of damage with the “Ultimate Move” that can be released when the tank is full!

It’s free, so please give it a try.
And if you enjoyed it, buy the product version! It seems that “Ultraman, Bemular, Dan MMoroboshi, Black King” can be used in the additional content Ultraman Season Pass!

  • Hey! Big attack from jump!
  • Dad is just that~
  • Also, it’s just a series of weak punches against the wall.
  • Mom just keeps throwing things at me from afar… yup! Sudden approach with a long spear!
  • Yeah! Don’t come near me!
  • Energy is building up! Long distance beam with ultimate move!
  • Come on (avoid)
  • Don’t dodge easily…
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