Minecraft has a major free update for Caves & Cliffs!

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This update will be delivered in two parts!

User-friendly MinecraftClick here for the game introduction page on this site. It’s still in development, with major updates appearing regularly. This is the first installment of “Caves and Cliffs” with multiple mobs and blocks added! (Although it was announced that terrain generation such as “new caves and cliffs” was also announced, it was carried over to the second edition at the end of the year.)

Introducing a few additional elements

This site is not a strategy site, but rather conveying “the fun of playing games together”, so…
I will introduce it briefly.

Additional mobs

  • Mountains
  • pretty belligerent
  • Very jumping power
  • Milk available
[Wooper Looper]
  • It looks cute anyway (5 colors)
  • Fights with you underwater
  • Pretending to be dead when attacked
  • On the ground, take damage gradually (rainy weather is fine)
[Squid that emits light]
  • glow in the dark
  • The “shiny squid ink” obtained by defeating them will light up the letters and frame of the signboard

Additional Blocks

  • Oxidizes over time and changes color
  • Lightning rods can be created and receive lightning
  • Beautiful purple ore
  • A telescope made of copper and amethyst that lets you see far away
  • Generates in caves
  • Sharp and damages when falling under it
[Powder Snow]
  • Walk on top and sink
  • Frost damage if left submerged for a period of time
[Drip Leaf]
  • Ivy-like appearance from the ground
  • If you step on a leaf, it will tilt and drop after a certain amount of time
  • Looks like ivy hanging from the ceiling
  • Glowberry Glowing Berries
  • Grows on cave walls, faintly luminous
  • Grows on cave walls, faintly luminous
  • Up to 4 light sources per block
  • Can also be colored

Recommendation of Minecraft for the first time in a while

And here is the main purpose of this site.
When playing Minecraft with family and friends …“Play survival from the beginning when you forget” is pretty fun.
If you have software, I’d like you to do it regularly!

At the beginning

Coordination is especially important right after the start of the game, as it will be an unarmed survival.
First of all, as a thing I definitely want to have…

  • At least I want to make a bed
  • I want a torch
  • I want a simple house

While doing it, the first night will come more and more.
You won’t be able to skip the first night in bed if you don’t talk to each other and divide roles.

And when you get used to it…

Once the initial preparations are complete and you are able to grasp the surrounding terrain a little,

  • I miss the cave
  • New mobs and new blocks to discover after a major upgrade

For that reason, it becomes a journey while preparing for a long-distance expedition and making landmarks from the base, and gradually get used to it.

And when the purpose of the expedition is served

I completely remembered the operation of Minecraft, and this and that will become.
Once again, I’m captivated by Minecraft, and time goes by quickly… (laughs)
I really recommend this “Kukui Minecraft” because everyone who gathers there can communicate and share the time to go to various goals.

MICRA can be enjoyed in various ways,
It’s also great to be able to play multiplayer.
Large update is a big chance for “Long-awaited Minecraft”.
Please enjoy!

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