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Feeling of going out
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Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2023/9/14
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(exclusive)
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The king of multiplayer! The second part of the popular bomb party action!

The basics remain the same from the Famicom version, simple controls that anyone can enjoy!

The “Bomberman” series has undergone numerous evolutions. Like the previous game “R”, this game “R2” is a classic party game that combines “simple controls and easy viewing” with “the latest graphics”.
The previous game was good enough, but a number of additional elements will make the game even more exciting!

The basic operations of the game are as follows.

  1. Place a bomb
  2. It will explode after a certain period of time, and the blast will destroy walls and enemies!
  3. Strengthen your character with power-up items that randomly appear from the destroyed walls
  4. The bomb’s flame burns all enemies and allies alike!


Once you get used to it, you can use items and each character’s unique special moves.
The kangaroo-like creature “Louie” that appeared in the Super Nintendo version returns in this work! Get the hang of it and advance the battle to your advantage!

Character full of individuality

In addition to the many characters you can use from the beginning, you can gradually unlock characters with the “gems” points you accumulate each time you play (even just offline battles). Each character has one unique special move, and it is possible to set a substantial handicap based on this character’s performance.
In addition to rival characters from the previous game “R”, there are also guest bombers such as popular Konami characters and characters from “Fall Guys”! Like the previous game, the number of characters that can be used will increase little by little through regular updates. Official website news Please check frequently.

At the start of the game, 5 characters are available for purchase, so at my house we immediately released each of the “characters we often used in the previous game”!

  • Let’s get started! After all, it’s a battle!
  • The operation method hasn’t changed…
  • Hmm, you can only choose normal Bon. Should I move on with the story?
  • Let’s take a look at the store
  • Ah! There are some familiar characters! You can buy it with gems
  • As expected, Dad uses a plasma bomber (detonation time control)…
  • I will destroy Golem Bomber~
  • We have to defeat these two quickly… Mom, let’s work together!

Various battle modes

You can enjoy offline battles with 4 players in “Battle Mode” using 3 rules.

New! Castle mode

Asymmetrical battle between 1 person and 7 people! (COM from 5th person onwards)

  • 1 person: Castleside…Use the strongest weapon to protect the treasure chest
  • 7 people: Attack side…Use teamwork to steal the treasure chest

This mode also has a new feature, the “Stage Editor”, which allows you to create stages as you like.
In the case of online battles, there will be 1 player versus 15 players, and the stage will be larger.


Traditional and simple rules. It is a basic battle mode where you are defeated.

Grand Prix

Players will be divided into two teams, with a maximum of 3 players versus 3 players. There are two battle rules below.

  • Basic… Similar to battle mode, but there is a “number of aircraft” and you compete by the number of aircraft destroyed
  • Crystals… Compete by collecting the amount of crystals scattered on the field

Pair weak players with good players and adjust the team balance so that everyone can enjoy the game.

  • I end up playing crystal a lot…
  • It’s nice to be able to come back after a certain amount of time even if you die
  • With Plasma Bomber, you can collect crystals at the beginning, but you’ll be defeated soon~
  • It’s fun to see some big reversals

Other modes

Story mode

Story mode exclusively for solo play. It’s fun to watch the serious “White” and his brothers interact with each other.
There are multiple stages like the main feature of this work, “Castle Mode”, so you can practice.
There is also a battle with a huge boss!

Battle 64

Online-only multiplayer battle.
In other words, this work is a great deal as it also includes the previously released “Super Bomberman R Online”!

Comparison with previous work

The previous work “Super Bomberman R” was also quite good, so I’m having a hard time deciding which one to recommend…
I’ll compare them and highlight the good points of each.

Good points about the previous work “Super Bomberman R”

  • Cheap!
  • Grand Prix mode has special battle rules called “Checkpoint” and “Escort”
  • Two players can play simultaneously in story mode

Good points about the current work “Super Bomberman R2”

  • Online battles are also possible!
  • “Castle” is available in battle mode (editable)
  • Introducing your reliable partner “Louie”

If you’re thinking, “I’m trying Bomberman for the first time!” or “I’m OK with just playing offline!”, I think the previous game, “R”, whose price is currently lower, is fine.

By the way, my family played the current game “R2” about a year after the last time we played the previous game, and we really enjoyed it!

  • Bomberman is fun after all! (The sudden “aaaaahhhhh!”) becomes a habit.
  • The new battle stage has many ideas to liven up the battle that you won’t understand until you try it
  • The slow motion when you blow your opponent to death feels great!
  • At first glance, the standard mode stage looks the same as before…
  • They’re working on “invisible ideas to liven up the battle”
  • For example, a stage with holes in it gives the illusion of a wall
  • The more you get into it, the more you feel like the blast wave can’t reach beyond the hole, and you’re more likely to get hit~
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