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Octodad: Dadliest Catch


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Feeling of going out
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1~4 players
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    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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Young Horses, Inc.

I want you to think that you were deceived and try it. Double the fun with multiplayer. A new family shape!

Stupid? ! But if you play with your family, the fun will be several times higher!

Just by looking at the screens and trailers, there is a “a long time ago” feeling and a “indie feeling” drifting in the air…
Playing multiplayer as a family (or with multiple people) is a ridiculously fun game.

There’s a way to play multiplayer like this…

No matter how many players you play with, you will only be controlled by one octopus disguised as a human.
For example, if you select 4-player play,

  • Player 1Left Foot
  • Player 2Right Hand
  • Player 3Right Foot
  • Player 4Left Hand

As in, you will be in charge of and operating a randomly set “only the main character’s part of the body“.
The operation is below.

  • Grasp (stick/push)/release (throw when gaining momentum)
  • Move forward/back/left/right
  • Move up and down

The stage progresses with a story, and there are detailed missions (search for ○○, escape from ○○, etc.), and each time you complete a mission, the body part you are in charge of is random. will be replaced with .

This is interesting!

Incredible view of the world

The main character is an octopus, but he pretends to be human. His wife is human and does not realize that her husband is an octopus. The two children are also normal humans. The main character looks like an octopus, but he wears a suit and has 8 legs, 1 right hand, 1 left hand, 2 right legs, 2 left legs, and 2 short legs. It has a beard and has a human-like appearance. If you act suspiciously, get everyone’s attention, if they find out you’re an octopus, it’s game over.

  • Everyone’s eyes are on you
  • Don’t you break things too much when you walk?
  • Man in charge! My hands are overstretched and I’m bumping into all sorts of things!
  • Ani, I can’t lift my left leg unless I put my right leg down right away~

Protagonist’s Strange Movements

The movement of the main character is biyobiyo. She’s an octopus, so she stretches to some extent. Sometimes my limbs get tangled. Since everyone operates the body together, if there is no communication, it will not be possible to move. But whether it worked or not, our house was bursting with laughter. It is a rare game that makes the inconvenience of operation entertainment. That inconvenience doesn’t cause stress, and it’s strangely convincing, “Because it’s an octopus pretending to be a human…” (laughs).

Enjoy the feeling of going out!

It’s a strange setting, but the main theme is “family love”. There are many scenes that make you feel relaxed when playing with your family. You can enjoy the feeling of going out with everyone while staying at home!

It’s also exquisitely good that the person in charge changes for each mission

Once you’ve gotten used to using your hands, suddenly you’re in charge of your feet. The chaos is fun!

  • This time Dad and Mom are in charge of both feet.
  • Oh yeah. I mistook it for a hand.
  • Hey, I want to go up, but Dad’s feet are stuck to the ground and I can’t go!
  • I let go, but… Huh? Can’t move at all?
  • Oh, sorry. The right hand was holding the doorknob…
  • Now!

Trick! “Motion controller” operation that allows more intuitive operation!

The store says “Motion controller compatible”.
It’s “Playstation Move” used in PSVR. (Of course you also need a Playstation Camera)

  • Up to 4 controllers can be connected to Playstation4
  • Motion controllers count as “one controller”

So, let’s tie 2 normal controllers and 2 motion controllers to different players.
It can be operated intuitively… but the operation has become more subtle, and the children were especially delighted!

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Dad’s soliloquy
The "nice theme song" mentioned above is probably not official, so I won't post a direct link, but if you search for "Octodad song" on Youtube, you can listen to it right away!