Game Information

Streets of Rogue


Public review
Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2019/7/12
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
Play style
Screen style
Camera position
PublishertinyBuild GAMES

Live freely with various occupations in a city drawn with pixel art!

“Slum Resident”, “Soldier”, “Gangster”, “Thief”, “Clerk”, “Bartender”, “Hacker”, “Doctor”, “Scientist”, and “Gorilla” are set in a randomly generated and unsafe city. “Police”, “Vampire”, “Wrestler”, “Assassin”, “Entertainer”, “Jock”, “Shapeshifter”, “Investor”, “Werewolf”, “Cannibal”, “Slavery”, “Zombie” ”Others… Become various occupations and complete numerous missions (including murder).

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