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NBA 2K24


Public review
Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2023/9/8
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(exclusive)
Play style
Screen style
Camera position

The 2024 edition of the popular NBA game based on professional basketball.

A game based on the world’s top professional basketball, one of the four major American sports.

Various game modes

A real basketball game that NBA players also use as a reference.
You can enjoy basketball with various approaches.


Up to 4 players can play offline. You can easily choose your favorite team and start playing basketball right away.
Can be used by current stars to legends.


Create your own player and dive into an urban open world.
Live freely and aim for the top as a basketball player.


A mode where you gather players and create your own team like a card game.
Like social games, there are elements such as “seasons”, “missions”.


Kobe’s version of the previous Jordan experience. By experiencing seven iconic games for yourself, you can reflect on Kobe’s greatness.
Kobe’s jersey number is 8 or 24, his hairstyle is in keeping with the times, and Kobe from that time is brought back to life.

Various elements updated

The series has been updated year by year, from flashy things to detailed adjustments, such as reality, play feel, and unique moves.
For update details, please refer to official update information.
Similar to recent blockbuster sports games, the game will be sold in PS4 and PS5 versions, with the “PS5 version being more enjoyable.”

Updates common to PS4 and PS5 versions

Various additions and adjustments have been made to the detailed shooting movements, dribbling variations, defensive balance, etc.

New technology “ProPLAY” installed in PS5 version

Instead of conventional motion capture, we use an amazing technology that captures motion directly from match footage!
You can enjoy plays that reflect the individuality and signature moves of individual players.

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