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Mini Motor Racing X


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Feeling of going out
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Number of players
1~4 players
Trial version
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Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility) Enjoy in VR +
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NextGen Reality Pty. Ltd t/a The Binary Mill

A racing game that can be enjoyed in various environments. Use your weapons to hinder your opponent!

You can choose various operation methods

The viewpoint is looking down and from your own perspective. The operation method can be selected from Dual Shock, Hankon, VR, Playstation move, etc.

Lots of racing modes

  • MultiplayerCo-op with up to 4 friends (+ Type X)
  • Career Mode8 Championships and 52 Environments in Campaign Mode (+ Type X)
  • Bumper BallSoccer in the car, like Rocket League!

*Type X … You can add a game method that adds chaos to your weapons.

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Price: $24.99
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price: $34.99
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Dad’s soliloquy
It is a game where you compete with cars like Choro Q.

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