DOOM (1993)


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Feeling of going out
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Number of players
1~4 players
Trial version
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Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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Screen style
Camera position
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Bethesda Softworks

1993 graphics are reproduced almost as they are! The ancestor of FPS.

This is the only official trailer… The game screen at the start of the video is from another software. The dot painting style from about 14 seconds is close to the screen of this game.

The original FPS, fighting monsters from a first-person perspective

Make use of the characteristics of various weapons to advance the game while shooting and killing swarming enemies. The graphics are quite old-fashioned, but you can enjoy the nostalgia, so it is recommended for those who played in 1993.

Please note that there are multiple versions for PS4

The unmarked ones are fairly new, and the chronological order is confusing. Below is a summary of what you can play on PS4 as far as I know.

  • DOOM (1993)★This work First generation released in 1993 (split-screen 4-player playable)< /span>
  • DOOM II (Classic)in 1994 (split-screen 4-player playable)
  • DOOM 641997 (offline single player only)
  • DOOM 32004 (offline single player only)
  • DOOM2016 (offline single player only)
  • DOOM VFR2017 (VR only)
  • DOOM Eternal2020 (offline single player only)
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Dad’s soliloquy
It reminded me of Nintendo 64's "GoldenEye 007".

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