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Diablo III


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Feeling of going out
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1~4 players
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    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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The original Hack and slash with a history of 20 years. Added "Necromancer" DLC.

Original Hack and slash set in dark fantasy

An action RPG set in a world of swords and magic. There is a solid story, but the real fun is often focused on “strongly strong and collecting better equipment” in Replay after clearing the story. Therefore, it is recommended for those who are looking for a game that can be played over and over again rather than playing quickly. Also, it has a slightly darker image than Japanese RPGs. Be careful if you want to let girls with little game experience play. Monster blood also comes out.

Huge volume

Anyway, it’s a big volume. Replay elements have a good reputation, and you can play forever if you feel like it.

  • Hundreds of items, equipment, and skillsIn addition, many levels and combination effects for each item
  • Equipment reflects appearanceVariety in terms of appearance
  • Lots of random elementsMap generation, events, item drops
  • Gets stronger quickly, but has a long way to goInflation keeps getting stronger, but there are still more challenging stages
  • Continuously Updated “Seasons”Continued Regular Campaign Every 3 Months

If you want to get into it, you’ll need to search and research on the internet, but even in the same “3” series, there are differences depending on the version, so please pay attention to the release time of information and the target version.

How to enjoy 4-player offline multiplayer

Each character has different strengths and weaknesses in close-range and long-range, so let’s enjoy cooperative play by separating them well.
It’s fate in this kind of game… It’s a game where you want to carefully select your equipment and skills, but when the select screen is open, other players will be busy. Choose quickly.
Even if there is a level difference for each character, it is a specification that makes it easy to catch up.

Significance of being offline

When you think of Diablo, you might think of chatting as you go, but being able to go on an adventure while talking directly is a joy offline. It’s been more than 8 years since the PC version was released, but there are no concerns about “depopulation”, “cheat”, or “vandalism” when offline, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a little old. The PS4 version has a reputation for being fast to load, but there is no waiting time for internet communication, so there is less stress!

Roughly…Introducing other elements

This is a game with too much information, so I would like to inform you about some of the features of the game that are likely to be related to multiplayer.

Seven Classes

  • BarbarianMelee warrior of strength and fury
  • CrusaderCrusader with heavy armor and fury
  • Demon HunterAgility, a wide range of ranged weapons, good at dealing with traps
  • MonkAgility and mental strength. A monk who fights with his body
  • NecromancerManipulate corpses. Requires DLC
  • Witch DoctorManipulate ghosts with intellect and sorcery
  • Wizardmagic specialist. Magic recovery is fast

You can choose male or female.

Main modes

  • StoryStory in 5 chapters
  • AdventureYou must complete the story first. Enjoy laps
  • Challenge LiftChallenge the Leaderboards
  • Quick matchFor online play, we ignore it
  • SeasonUpdated every 3 months. Everyone starts from the beginning. There is also a reward

Level can be set in each mode. All 17 levels! Valuable items can only be obtained if Torment or higher.

PS4 version difference

There are multiple versions, but “Mujirushi” with older specifications does not exist in the PS4 version, so there is no need to hesitate.

●Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition

Early version for PS4. Contains “Reaper of Souls” which was originally an expansion pack.

●Rise of the Necromancer

DLCs. Requires the above body. You can now use the character “Necromancer” and other additional items.

●Eternal Collection

A perfect version of the above two.

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Dad’s soliloquy
For some reason, if you're a middle-aged gamer, you'll probably want to get your hands on this game. The world view and game contents are attractive, aren't they? (In the NES version of Wizardry, I went around the dungeon in search of the demon sword Muramasa.)

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