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Tricky Towers


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Feeling of going out
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1~4 players
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    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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Balance game with falling Tetriminos!

A puzzle game in which you stack the falling “blocks that combine four squares (so-called Tetriminos)” in a well-balanced manner and compete with each other to see how to stack them according to various rules.
Because it is simple operability, anyone can enjoy it!

3 game modes in total!

  • Race … Compete for speed until the stack reaches a certain height
  • Survival … If you drop a certain number of blocks, you lose
  • Puzzle … Compete for the amount of blocks to stack up to a certain height

There is also a single-player mode, but you can also enjoy playing with four players with the above rules.

Similar to Tetris but very different…

Unlike Tetris, it doesn’t “fix” once it hits the ground, it just piles up there.
“Physics calculation” is always applied and balance is emphasized above all.
It is possible to drop by shifting “half a block”, but depending on the shift due to gravity, it may “slightly shift by about 1/4 block”.
Using your knowledge of Tetris to fill in gaps without any gaps is often useful because it leads to “stability”, but even if it looks stable, if it is piled up in a “vertically crackable shape”, it will be a bit of a shock. The whole thing can be split into two, and everything can return to nothing…

The shape of the block has a characteristic

When playing Tetris, Tetrimino has only a personality of “whether the shape fits or doesn’t fit”, but in this game, each block shape has a “different personality”.
A shape that wobbles when placed, a shape that is solid and stable…
Also, in Tetris, “do not create gaps” is important, but here you don’t have to worry about creating gaps. Anyway, even if there is a gap, it is more important to be “massively stable”.

Various distracting elements

You can choose your level at the beginning of the game, but the higher the level, the more “useable magic” and the more complicated the battle.

●Magic to help yourself
  • Merge blocks with vines
  • Spawns fixed blocks in midair
  • destroy previous block


●Magic that attacks the enemy
  • Freeze enemy footholds to make them slippery
  • Hurting giant blocks on enemies
  • Blurs enemy visibility


Simple operation or wobbly? There is also an aspect that can be played intuitively, so even people who are not good at puzzles can enjoy it!
It is also attractive that one game can be completed in a short time.
There is no handicap setting, so in our house, we have set up a unique handicap setting for players who have won consecutively, “After the start, leave it to free fall without any operation for 1 to 3 blocks.”
Let’s play puzzles together!

  • I’ll build it up at speed.
  • Look at this beautiful way of stacking without gaps!
  • I wonder if Dad and Ani, who are good at Tetris, are strong…
  • Even if you’re not good at it, you can imitate how Dad and Ani stack up halfway through! Because the two of them are excited and try to pile up early.
  • Yes. It’s easy to imitate later. … that? Surprisingly, the way Dad stacks up isn’t biased to the right?
  • Hey! Huge blocks with items!
  • Wow! In an instant, it splits into two and is almost in the state at the start! In addition, diagonal blocks remain and are difficult to stack!
  • The ranking changes in an instant~
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