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Team Sonic Racing


Public review
Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2019/5/21
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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PublisherSEGA of America, Inc.

Hot race of Sonic and Eggman. It's fun to cooperate in team battles!

Team racing by Sonic, the representative character of Sega!

It’s a 3D racing game based on the so-called Mario Kart system, but as expected from the Sonic series, it has a sense of speed.
In addition, the character’s personality is also carefully crafted, and the dialogue and collaboration voices during the race will excite you.
Combined with the well-received BGM throughout the series (130 songs were even made for this game!), you’ll feel completely absorbed in the race!
Run through 21 courses.

There are plenty of team battles and teamwork!

  • Touch Dash … Touch a spun ally to restore them in a boosted state
  • Line Boost … Run in the line of the teammate running in front and accelerate
  • Rival Takedown … Spin the team one place higher and fill the Ultimate Gauge
  • Ultimate Boost … Fill the Ultimate Gauge and become invincible boosted
  • Item Box Transfer … You can send items to your friends

Let’s win the race by making full use of these elements unique to team battles.
The course has many branches along the way, but it’s better for members of the same team to go through the same place in terms of cooperation.
Even if you don’t get 1st place individually, you can share the joy when your team group victory in the overall ranking!

Story mode can also be played with 3 people!

Up to 3 people can play in story mode with split screen.

  • Ani isn’t here today, so let’s play story mode together
  • It’s good practice. Game Start!
  • Why am I number 1?
  • I’ll follow you~ Speed up with a line boost!
  • The next fork in the road, go right~
  • We can’t work together as a team unless we go to the same course~Let’s talk to each other!
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