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Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania


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Feeling of going out
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1~4 players
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    PS4 PS5(exclusive)
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SEGA of America, Inc.

Multiplayer with 12 party games! Remake of series 3 works!

Series 20th anniversary work.
There are more than 300 types of stages selected from the 3 popular games “Super Monkey Ball”, “Super Monkey Ball 2” and “Super Monkey Ball Deluxe”!
You can also enjoy 12 types of party games with full remakes!

10 out of 12 party games can be played by 4 people!

●Monkey Racing

split screen. A fast-paced mode where you aim to finish the circuit faster than anyone else. Course taking is important. There are multiple circuits.

●Monkey Fight

Boxing by operating a punching machine. If you let your opponent out of the ring, you win! There are multiple stages with a lot of variety.

●Monkey Target

split screen. If you open the capsule on the way out, it will glide like a glider. While collecting bananas floating in the sky, aim at the target floating on the sea.

●Monkey Billiards

The cue ball is a ball with a monkey in it. Billiard game with 4 rules.

●Monkey Bowling

Roll the ball with monkeys and knock down many pins. Power adjustment and course adjustment are important. The lanes are curved and wavy, making it possible to play a variety of battles.

●Monkey Golf

A golf game where you hit the ball you put in. Let’s aim for a hole-in-one using the bounce of the course.

●Monkey Boat

split screen. Ride a banana-shaped boat and go down the rapids!

●Monkey Shot

A shooter where you shoot enemies that appear one after another from a 3D perspective. Your character’s monkey rarely appears on the screen… You operate the target while the screen advances automatically. There are multiple courses such as underwater, jungle and space.

●Monkey Dogfight

With the capsule open, the wings are used to engage in aerial battles like fighter planes.

●Monkey Tennis

Spin your racket at the same time and play tennis! You can play singles and doubles. Fight on various courts.

●Monkey Soccer

For 2 players only. Control a ball with monkeys in it and play with soccer rules.

●Monkey Baseball

For 2 players only. Hit a ball containing a monkey with a bat and send it to a designated area like a baseball board.

Since the party mode has almost no content with the previous work “Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball”, which has already been released, this software is for offline multiplayer. If you buy , I think you can enjoy different things even if you have both!

Everyone can enjoy the main single-player mode

With a simple stick operation, roll the monkey in the capsule and aim for the goal.
The camera operability has been improved from the original version, and new modes have been added so that you can enjoy the same stage in a different way, so even those who have played previous games can enjoy it.
– Story mode has 100 stages
– Over 300 stages in challenge mode
And lots.
I think it’s okay to play while taking turns with everyone!

The monkey can be customized by combining 100 types of parts.
By accumulating in-game passes, you will be able to control Beat from Jet Set Radio, Sonic and Tails from the Sonic series, and Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series as guest characters!
You can also operate Hello Kitty with additional charge content.

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