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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2023/11/14
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(exclusive)
Play style
Screen style
Camera position
PublisherKonami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

A fusion of rhythm game where you press buttons at a fast pace and party action!

A fusion of “sound games where you press buttons at the right time” like “Taiko no Tatsujin” and “Dance Dance Revolution” and “top-down chaotic parties” like “Overcooked”!

Basic system of the game

The main operation is to press the button at the right time according to the notes (score) that are flowing!

It’s a familiar style in music games. Get into the rhythm and press the buttons comfortably.
There are two levels to choose from: “Standard”, which uses 3 buttons, or “Pro”, which uses 4 buttons. “Pro” also has a more detailed and complex way of chopping beats.

With the addition of party elements, it becomes the ultimate multiplayer game!

There is a wide variety of ways to display notes (scores), and each stage is different or gets in the way.
Occasionally action elements are involved, such as removing obstructive objects and collecting items.

The gameplay is exciting and exciting, and the game is fun to play with everyone!

Various game modes

Story mode

4 players can play offline! You can change the difficulty level for each player (the screen layout, which allows scores of different levels to coexist, is also wonderful!).
The basics are cooperation, so teamwork is important. When you clear a stage, the “results of those who were able to press at the right time” will be announced, so it’s fun to compete against each other!
The initial introduction is a little long, so you won’t realize how much fun it is until you’ve played for a while…but it gets more and more fun as you progress through the stages!
Each stage has a different action element added to the music game, making it a good accent.

  • The gameplay of this stage changes at regular intervals
  • First of all, it’s the rhythm. Yes! Tan, tan, tattan♪
  • It’s important to look at the music, but it’s better to listen to the music~
  • It’s about time to switch to continuous hit mode!
  • It’s here! About the placement of everyone, keep hitting me repeatedly!!
  • Just keep hitting it! Dada da da da da
  • It feels good compared to the severe timing from earlier~
  • It’s time to go back to rhythm game mode!
  • Hi! Tan, tan, tattan♪

Competitive mode

A mode where everyone competes against each other. However, the music is rather difficult. I think it’s a good idea to try it after getting used to the Oita game.

Race match

A rhythm game on a fast-moving vehicle. If the tempo matches, speed up!

Dance competition

An action game with weak rhythm game elements. Let’s move quickly to clear the conditions.

Chaos battle
Duel match

A fusion game of rhythm game and elements that disturb the opponent.

Score attack mode

No annoying gimmicks will be activated, so you can only enjoy the rhythm game.
Clear the stages and unlock all songs!

A wealth of exciting elements!

Over 30 songs included!

There are over 30 songs in genres such as rock, hip hop, dubstep, etc.
Plus, there’s a hidden track. Unlock all songs!

Songs that will please Konami fans!

Also includes songs from KONAMI titles such as “Gradius” and “Castlevania”!

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