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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2022/5/12
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(exclusive)
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An action shooter that unleashes attacks according to the sound!

An action shooter with hack and slash elements and beautiful Western-style anime-style graphics from a top-down perspective.
The stage “Sinfonia” is filled with music, and all the objects in the field are constantly beating.
The biggest feature of this game is that if you act (attack or dash) in time with the music and rhythm, the effect will double.
It’s a genre called a twin-stick shooter because you can shoot 360 degrees.
Let’s conquer 10 fantastic and beautiful stages.

At first, there is only one hero, but as the story progresses, you will be able to choose between five characters.
Skills and abilities are unique to each character. Choose a character that suits you.

More than 500 types of weapons and armor with the motif of “musical instruments” that can be obtained from random drops and clear rewards are randomly given optional effects even if they are the same.
– Better weapons appear at higher difficulty levels
– Go around and collect rare items
You can enjoy Hack and slash elements such as this.

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Dad’s soliloquy
It seems that the former Epic Games is producing it!