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Bud Spencer & Terence Hill – Slaps And Beans 2


Public review
Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2023/11/4
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(exclusive)
Play style
Screen style
Camera position

Comedy-touch bellsque action with detailed pixel art!

The second belt-scrolling action film with a comedic touch, based on the movies starring Italian actors Budd Spencer and Terrence Hill from the 1970s.
Although it is a pixel art, the detailed movements are carefully created, and while it has a nostalgic feel, it is always full of lively and fun atmosphere.

The main story mode is a belt-scrolling action game full of gimmicks where the cooperation between the two main characters is the lifeblood.
Up to 2 people can play offline. (In solo play, the CPU controls the partner)

In party game mode, 4 players can play offline!

Up to 4 players can enjoy the 8 mini-games that appear during the story mode. Even if there are not enough people, COM will be in charge.
Bonus element…The volume is so solid that you can enjoy the battle with everyone in front of the TV!


Isn’t it rare that you attack each other on a boat that you can freely do on a pond? pure action


Split into two boats and avoid spilling bananas while avoiding crocodiles and repairing your ship.


Four old men are eating together. Eat as much as possible by pressing the designated direction keys quickly and without making mistakes.


2vs2 team match. Take out one card at a time from the 3 cards you have using “Seno” and compete with the number of “your color”.


A rhythm game where you become a member of the chorus and press the buttons at the right time + a game of position movement.


Hit the ball by reflecting it off the wall. Sports played in Spain, France, etc.


4 cards with different designs are shuffled and you have to guess where the cards have moved.


A side-scrolling speed race where you run through your own course while destroying obstacles.

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