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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2023/11/15
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PublisherDevolver Digital

A pixel art horizontal perspective with cute animals that move around, an action game where you can accumulate virtue!

A cute side-view pixel art party action game in which small animals cooperate and compete.
Over 50 characters appear. Let’s take advantage of that personality to conquer the stage.

There are two game modes!

Totem mode

This is a sub-mode in this game.
This is the only place where you can play locally, so I’ll introduce it first.
This is a mini-game battle mode that allows multiplayer both on and off.

We challenge “competition” with various rules under the same conditions.


The stage automatically scrolls vertically, and you can jump up and down the stage.


Race to avoid being caught up by the edge of the screen on an automatic horizontal scrolling stage. The first person to cross the goal tape wins.


Glide through the automatically scrolling stages while avoiding obstacles and aim for the goal.

Finger fight

It’s rock, paper, scissors. Opponents are determined randomly. The trick is to switch at the last minute.


A murder beam will be fired after a certain period of time. If you stop moving, the beam will not be fired, so aim for the goal while avoiding it.


Compete by eating the number of randomly generated fruits.


Attach a flame of your own color to a candle and compete for the most number of flames.

There are multiple screen layouts available even with the same rules, and some can drastically change the gameplay.

Loop mode

The main mode of this game.
Play cooperatively online, conquer the various gimmicks while sometimes solving puzzles, and aim to clear the stage.
As the “karma” in the title suggests, the game is characterized by accumulating karma by “helping your allies even if it means sacrificing yourself.”
Additionally, the system in which if you are separated from your allies for a long time, the barrier around you will become smaller and you will eventually die will make multiplayer even more exciting.

Each animal has different abilities.
Save karma, increase your own characters, and strengthen them.

This video shows a family playing multiplayer. (I play loop mode until around 46 minutes, and totem mode after 46 minutes)

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