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Guacamelee! 2


Public review
Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2018/8/21
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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PublisherDrinkbox Studios

The great adventure of the masked wrestler, the second! Let's capture the side-scrolling action with professional wrestling techniques

Let’s take control of a Mexican pro wrestling “lucha libre” wrestler

It’s a genre called Metroidvania, where you progress through the action while increasing your skills. It’s a combination of battle and exploration.
The physical strength gauge and the number of times you can use special moves will gradually grow.

A great adventure on a more beautiful stage

The second popular work. The stage is the world seven years after the previous work.
At first, you can only do simple operations, but gradually you will be able to use more techniques.

Several more actions have been added from the wrestling techniques “Pile Driver” and “Suplex” that were also available in the previous game. If you find “trainers” in various places and clear the trainer’s challenges, you can use more techniques, and there are scenes where you can use those techniques to overcome difficult spots It can also be used as a double jump).

There are also complex combos, and various techniques can be performed by combining the direction of the stick + hitting the attack button repeatedly.

You can choose from 4 types of characters in the initial state, but you can unlock characters by advancing the story.

Exquisite stage design with production and multiple gimmicks

There are multiple obstacles that block the way, and as you get used to it little by little, it becomes more complicated, so it’s very rewarding to overcome.
The “front world” and the “back (post-mortem) world” exist in the same space, and scaffolding can only occur in one of the worlds, so switch between them as you proceed.

New Action “Chicken”

You can use dashes, evasions, attacks (including professional wrestling techniques), etc. There are stages that can only be entered in this state…

Hilarious BGM

Lively and passionate Latin music typical of Mexico enlivens the game.

Double the fun with offline multiplayer!

You can play almost all of the main game with up to 4 people.
Immediately after starting the game, I can only play alone because of the review of the previous game and the introduction of the story…
After the main character “Juan” becomes a masked wrestler again, it will be possible to play with four people. (About 30 minutes after starting the game)

If your health reaches zero, you will die, but in multiplayer wait a few seconds and you will be able to revive in a “ball of light” state (you can still move around). If another player attacks you, you will be completely restored to a state where you can play normally. If the last one dies while the other 3 are in the “Bullet of Light” state, it’s game over. Takes you back to a point earlier.

There is no hit judgment or cooperation between allied characters,

  • Somebody can overcome the difficult parts
  • Even when fighting a powerful boss, you can keep fighting as long as one person survives

Because there is an advantage, the capture becomes a little easier.

If the characters are too far apart, the screen will pull back and all of them will be displayed, but if they are too far away, the player who is too late will become a “ball of light”. You can also become a “ball of light” at any time by pressing L1 and R1 at the same time.

Each stage has separate areas, and if even one person reaches the connection point to the next area, everyone will be forced to move to the next area.
If one person stands out, the others will be left behind, so Everyone advances little by little, and if someone lags behind, teach each other how to proceed.

  • Aww, I can’t reach here with a jump~ How did everyone get there?
  • Ani and Boya, go back and tell me
  • Yes
  • After jumping while pushing sideways here, press “Up and ○”!
  • Try it! did it!
  • Next time we have to go fast…
  • No matter how many times you try, you may not be able to do this…
  • So Ani and Boya, whichever one of you should go first to the moving area.
  • Yes
  • Go ahead
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Dad’s soliloquy
The fact that the Mexican culture of the Day of the Dead is heavily involved, and the use of colors and other aspects of the world reminds me of Dis○ey's animated film "Reme○ber Me."