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Spelunker HD Deluxe


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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2021/7/15
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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PublisherUnited Games Entertainment GmbH

The weakest hero in history is back! Cave exploration action!

A must-see for retro gamers! A nostalgic game that will die even if you fall into a hole shallower than your height is now available in multiplayer!
Basically, it is a game that goes down the cave earnestly, eliminates enemies, overcomes obstacles, and collects treasures.

A variety of multiplayer modes

Most games can be played with up to 4 players in split screen.

  • Adventure … A main mode similar to the NES version. 100 stages
  • Cometition … Aim for the goal faster than your rivals on a stage dedicated to competition
  • Championship … Challenge even higher difficulty stages. 100 stages
  • Endress Cave NEO … A randomly generated stage that forces you to scroll down

“Compete with everyone” mode is confrontation, other modes are cooperative play.

This work seems to have a mode where you can see everyone’s actions on a split screen even in online multiplayer. This Benefits of playing 4-player offline on PS4/PS5 also introduces it, but Split screen allows you to see everyone’s play at once. ”, so I think it will be more exciting than normal online multiplayer. It’s rare to introduce a split screen even online, so I’m glad that people seem to understand how fun it is. And split screen “Machine power is required”, so you can take advantage of being able to play on a PlayStation (PS4/PS5)!

Completely made with a nostalgic look

The original Spelunker, which is really super famous for saying “I will die soon”.
Children accustomed to modern games may be surprised. However, when it comes to multiplayer, “how much fun you can share” is more important than clearing the game, so people around you will die hard, and this game will be more exciting. !

How soon you die is explained in the column at the bottom of the screen, so if you don’t know, please take a look.

Since the NES version was released in 1985, the “Spelunker” series has many requests, sequels and respect games.
Here’s what you can play on your PS4…

  • Spelunky series … It’s not genuine, but it clearly says “made with respect”

(The Spelunky series allows 4-player offline multiplayer, so it’s also introduced on this site. SpelunkySpelunky2)

Compared to the above, this work is completely based on the first generation of the Famicom. The BGM is full of nostalgia, from the title screen to the detailed SE, with a nostalgic arrangement of the original.

In addition, you can switch between all modes, Famicom-style pixel art, and 8-bit music!
I feel like it’s completely aimed at retro gamers, but it’s full of exciting elements for multiplayer, so let’s all have a blast!

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Dad’s soliloquy
I don't think there's anyone who doesn't know this if you're an old gamer (laughs).

・Die by falling into a hole shallower than your height
・If you jump downhill, you die
・If you get hit by a bat's droppings, you die
・Die by touching a weakened ghost fragment with a ray gun
・If you try to jump down a flight of stairs, you die
・It dies from steam that blows out slightly
・If you don't get far enough away from the bomb, you'll die

This death... it's going to be a pretty exciting element in multiplayer!