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Everybody’s Golf


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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2018/11/21
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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Camera position
PublisherSony Interactive Entertainment

The latest in the classic golf game series. The only Mingol on PS4!

Anyone can play exhilaratingly with easy controls!

Golf game series representing PlayStation. It’s the only Mingol on PS4 (aside from VR).
The features of this version are beautiful graphics and activities on a vast golf course!
Activities (carting, fishing, etc.) are elements of solo play and online multiplayer only,
You can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the spacious golf course with a refreshing wind even in offline multiplayer!

“There’s a headwind here, so isn’t this area of ​​the power gauge better?”
“The grain of the green is flowing to the right, so you should aim around here.”
You can point to the screen while playing, so golf games and offline multiplayer are a great match.

4 players can play offline with one controller

You can play offline multiplayer with up to 4 players by selecting “GOLF with everyone” in the main menu.
The official manual is here.
Due to the nature of the sport of golf, everyone hits one shot at a time in turn, so you can turn one controller and play multiplayer.
You don’t have to prepare controllers for the number of people! (Of course, you can play 4 players with 2 controllers, etc.)
Also, from this characteristic, it is a wide screen instead of a split screen, so it is very refreshing!
By the way, if you prepare multiple controllers, players who are not on your turn can use gestures (cross keys, ○△□× keys, single press / long press to change) to cheer and jeer.

Various party game elements

You can also numerically adjust the balance by specifying parameters such as handicap settings and growth rates.
It’s fun to play with the normal rules as a pure golf game, but you can enjoy it like a party game by setting various “color” rules.

Color Settings

I will introduce some of them.

  • +1 stroke when in ◯◯ state
  • The movement of the gauge changes
  • Limited clubs and techniques
  • The weather changes

Etc… If you set the colored items individually, the rule will be applied to everyone, but if you set the recommended “Enter the course in slot mode”,

  • Severe colors for winning players
  • Losing players have help colors

Each one is randomly distributed, so the party feeling will increase even more!

The many variations of character creation are also attractive

You can create characters in great detail. You can create up to 8 characters in “Solo Golf” mode, so let’s set up as many characters as there are players and then return to “Everyone Golf” mode. (Unfortunately, characters and growth levels created with another PS account cannot be brought in.)
Also, as you progress in the “Solo Golf” mode, the number of character creation parts will increase.

Large volume! courses and holes

You can enjoy Total 90 holes in multiplayer with 5 courses x 18 holes each!
At first, you can only choose 9 holes, but if you advance the “GOLF alone” mode, you will be able to open and play.

  • Eagle City … Adjacent to a big city, with palm trees, ponds, etc.
  • Alpina Forest … Course inspired by the Swiss plateau
  • Kanaaloa Beach … Course with the ocean built in a resort area
  • Vortex Valley … Valley area. Obstacles such as large rocks and cliffs
  • Imperial Garden … Many long courses and high difficulty

Plus, purchase additional content to double the number of courses!

Non-offline multiplayer elements

Large volume “GOLF alone” mode. It’s also a little related to offline multiplayer, so I’ll introduce it just a little.


Fight against the computer in tournaments and “VS characters (28 characters in total, including secret characters)”.
By leveling up and rewarding here, Courses that can be used in offline battles will be unlocked, and the number of parts that can be added to character customization will increase.
It’s also fun to play by taking turns striking each stroke, so please try it out with everyone!

Stroke alone

practice mode. You can set the course and conditions as you like.

Open Course

An activity-packed online mode with up to 50 players on a single course.
Only this mode can be played by people who have not subscribed to “PS Plus”.

Other online modes that require “PS Plus”

There are “Hall competition” and “Competition room”, but I will omit them on this page.

  • Dad dominates the golf game! The experience of playing from the Famicom’s “Golf” comes to life! (No experience in the real world)
  • Press the ◯ button for char, siu, and noodle three times!
  • Be careful because the wind is blowing~
    ray! If you hit while pressing down, it’s a backspin~
  • (some smug face…)
  • You don’t have to say it because you’ve already learned it~ And you’re lower than me, Dad…
Free with PS Plus Extra
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Dad’s soliloquy
Amazon etc. has lowered the rating for "compared to the past series" and "online billing balance", but the offline multiplayer mode is very interesting. The game as a whole has a large amount of solo play, but even if you buy it now, it's quite cheap, so you can play this work for 90 holes, and even if you buy it mainly for multiplayer, you can get enough money!

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