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Bravery and Greed


Public review
Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date 2022/11/15
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
Play style
Screen style
Camera position
PublisherTeam17 Software Ltd.

Side-scrolling fantasy action full of flashy productions!

An action adventure where you fight from a side view in a Western fantasy world view!
Although it is drawn with dot pictures, it does not feel old, and the production of light and shadow is beautiful.
Enemies, allies, projectiles, and staging effects are jumbled up in a flashy way, but the screen design is clean and easy to read.

There are various modes, but 4 players can play offline in all modes!
As the title “Greed” suggests… not only cooperation is important, but competing for money is also an important factor!

4 Characters (Classes)

Each character has a wide variety of color variations, so you can rest assured even with the same character!


A strong female warrior. She is for advanced players, and she has a powerful technique that also takes damage herself.
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stout warrior. She has a shield and is a melee player that Parry is good at.
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A thief who sells speed. he is good at archery. He also has stealth ability.
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A long-distance operator who can use many types of magic.
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Multiple Game Modes


Main dungeon exploration. Explore stages and challenge bosses.
Conquer 5 stages and 6 bosses.


Choose a difficulty level and defeat hordes of enemies that appear one after another.


Team PvP

It is a fistfight between players in individual battles and team battles.
20 stages with various gimmicks!

Deep Operations

The buttons are arranged for common operations, but the combination allows for quite a lot of operations.

Attack Operations

Normal attacks, charge attacks, continuous attacks, upward attacks, etc., and downward attacks while jumping.

Movement Operations

Jumping that can be adjusted by pressing the button length, wall climbing, evasion roll, jumping attack with double jump effect, etc.

Character-specific controls

In addition, there are different operations (parry, spinning attack, etc.) for each character.

Party game features

It’s great for multiplayer, “When friends leave each other, the screen pulls down and the display shrinks”! The ease of playing with a large number of people has been thought through.
Bloodshed can also be switched on and off as an option, so even those who are not good at it can rest assured (although it’s not too gross).

Variety of replay elements in adventure mode


The dungeon and obtainable items change every time. It’s fun to try again and again!

Character Enhancement

From treasure chests and altars, you can randomly obtain equipment (130 types!) and 4 attribute skill (park) enhancements (64 common types, 48 types for each class!).

helper character

If you release all 13 types of pets from their cages, they will join you as NPCs to help you.

Elements that change the game rules

By unlocking the tarot card “Arcana”, you can change the rules of the game and play again with a fresh feeling.

Trial version

There is a trial version on steam. 4 players can also play, and you can play quite a bit!
You can also connect a PS controller (activate it from the option screen), so if you have a Windows machine, please try it!
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