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Playstation for family

The PlayStation…

As I mentioned in Benefits of PlayStation, I think the PS5/PS4 has a strong image of single player. Because it is a high-spec machine, there are many games that require high-load processing such as vast open worlds and online battles via communication.
Uncles in their late 30s to 40s are the generation that played the game when they were in elementary school. I can’t hold back my excitement with today’s advanced games, and I tend to impulse buy… Also, development takes time, so both the main unit and the game are “expensive”. There may be an image called.

PlayStation in the family

When Dad puts up a single-player game for the first time, it’s natural to let go of all other household chores. Conversations with mom can become empty. At home, perhaps the PlayStation is an extra expense. For many people, playing games is small shoulders.

My ideal form

The main purpose of this site is for everyone to have fun and enjoy the game! But at the same time, I think that everyone will be happy if it becomes the following form.

1. Eliminate the negative image of PlayStation

  • Something to enjoy alone? Everyone has fun!
  • Lack of compatible games? There are so many!
  • Is it expensive? There are many cheap but high quality items!

I will introduce them on this site in the future.

2. The whole family is happy (fun)

  • More family smiles and conversations!
  • Prestige rises in status at home!

3. Feel free to enjoy single-player games

  • Papa, who was holding back, is proud!
  • Since the game is a foundation for conversation, everyone can enjoy playing alone!

4. Increased sales for SONY

Papas who have money and moms who manage their money are more motivated to buy, so sales will increase!
Ultimately, I hope that the demand for offline multiplayer will increase, and that Sony and game developers will put more effort into it.

3. and 4. are quite delusional images, but I will work hard to realize them.
Hoping for a better relationship between Papa and the game
We will continue to push forward with the introduction of offline 4-player games!

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