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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version
Release date2016/8/25
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PublisherUbisoft Entertainment

Manipulate your hand with your smartphone! Evolution of the standard card game that everyone has played

Double the fun with the UNO that everyone knows!

Everyone knows the basic rules of “UNO”! You can enjoy it easily and smartly!
I was wondering, “Do I really need to use the PlayStation?”

PlayLink method with smartphone as controller

Sony’s unique technology PlayLink can be used. One controller is fine. If you prepare a smartphone or tablet for each player and install the following companion apps (free), everyone can enjoy the game!

* Wi-Fi environment is also required.

Topping the already fun UNO with even more exciting elements!

You can apply “Classic Rules” that allow you to play differently each time.

  • Stacking … Stacking draw 2 or draw 4 cards
  • 7-0 … Swap 0 cards with everyone, 7 cards with another player
  • Jump-In … If it’s not your turn, as long as the colors/numbers/symbols are the same, you can use the card

You can also change the theme (mostly for a fee) to change the appearance completely.
Additional free themes But… I couldn’t apply it in my environment.

One more time! becomes easier

The “unexplainable waiting time” and “pushing” that occur in real card games such as shuffling and sorting piles are eliminated.
one more time! You will be able to do it comfortably!

There is also a trial version

PlayLink for 4 people is not possible in the trial version. If you just want to enjoy the atmosphere of the game, go ahead!

Free with PS Plus Extra
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price: $19.99
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