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TowerFall Ascension


Public review
Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players
1~4 players
Trial version
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Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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Matt Makes Games Inc.

Bow and arrow shooting action in a tower drawn with pixel art!

Fight while shooting bows and arrows on a fixed screen.
Although it is a pixel art, it is well written and the characters move in a comical way.

Although the stage is fixed to one screen, it loops upwards when it falls to the bottom of the screen (depending on the stage, it also loops to the left and right), so it doesn’t feel cramped.
There is a story mode where up to two players can compete, and a deathmatch mode with four players.

In multiplayer, you must defeat enemies while keeping an eye on the number of arrows remaining (you can collect arrows stuck in walls, etc.) under the strict rules of one-hit-out.
You can win even if you crush the enemy.
The battle comes to a close relatively quickly, and it feels great to be able to rewind time and replay the moment of the final kill.
The treasure chests that appear along the way contain various power-up items. If you get it, you can advance the battle with a considerable advantage.
The left and right sides of the stage narrow after a certain period of time, making the second half even more thrilling.

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