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The Sisters – Party of the Year


Public review
Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2021/7/6
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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A cute party game with a girl as the main character. Have fun with 24 mini-games!

A party game with lots of mini-games based on the overseas anime series “The Sisters”.
The main characters are 7-year-old Maureen and 13-year-old Wendy.

In addition to the main story mode, there is a party mode for up to 4 players.
It’s full of girly cute atmosphere, so it’s perfect as a game for your girlfriend, mom, or her daughter.

24 types of mini games!
Each game is unique and you can fight with completely different rules!

  • Bulk chocolate … Put the specified amount of chocolate into the milk-filled container on the scale
  • Claw crane … Get prizes at crane games
  • Cupcake factory … Add cream and toppings according to the recipe to complete the cupcake
  • Doggies this way … Compete with the number of dogs you lure into your territory
  • Dominant color … Paint the wall and compete for the area you painted
  • End-of-year dance … Throw plates of food at each other and hit enemies
  • Express cleaning … Mops messy toys to enemy base
  • Extreme ping-pong … Table tennis played from all sides. Multiple spheres fly around
  • Hit your stake … Hit your stake … At the right time
  • Hungry little monsters … Pose to the rhythm in front of a haunted house
  • Mayhem at the market … Sorting vegetables and fruits into designated boxes at the market
  • Mega penalty kicks … Soccer penalties. You can get points by hitting the keeper
  • Mind-boggling … Choosing the one with a heart mark out of four quickly rotating notebooks
  • Mud pit … Punch enemies down in a quagmire
  • Round for everyone … Carrying drinks on the dance floor full of people
  • Tag! … Collect fruits while playing tag on a garden-like stage
  • The cracked island … Knock enemies out on an increasingly narrow island (stage)
  • The crazy lawnmower … Compete for the amount of grass cut by the mower
  • The crazy chandelier … Compete for the time to hang from propeller-shaped lights hanging from the ceiling
  • The fries … Compete for the number of french fries made by peeling, chopping, and frying potatoes
  • The whatever race … Swing jump, raft row, ladder, rope hanging, scrambling complex race
  • Trash challenge … Throw the falling trash bag into the designated trash bin
  • Triple gallop … Ride a horse and jump over obstacles in 3D
  • Unicorn toss … Throw a unicorn doll and hit the target

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