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The Sisters 2 – Road to Fame


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Feeling of going out
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Number of players1~4 players
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Release date2023/10/5
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(exclusive)
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The second party game featuring cute sisters. Have fun with 24 mini games!

This is the second party game based on the foreign anime series “The Sisters”, featuring sisters Maureen, 7, and Wendy, 13, and filled with mini-games.

Although it is solo play only, the main story mode has you running around the open world and challenging 24 influencers.
You can unlock various costumes by completing missions, and it’s fun to dress up the two of you!

Party mode for up to 4 people

There are 24 types of mini games!
Each game is unique and can be played with completely different rules!

  • BLACK FRIDAY … Horizontal scrolling race. Fight your way through the crowd that crowds into the supermarket and head for the exit!
  • BLOP BLOP … Diving under the sea. Oxygen gradually decreases, so replenish it from bubbles. Beware of electric fish!
  • BOING BOING … On the giant trampoline, accelerate the rotation while bouncing and knock the enemy out of the area!
  • CACOPHONY … Band performance rhythm game. Press L1 and R1 according to the music score!
  • COCONUT SHY … Throw a ball at a tower of stacked cans to break it down. If you hit the staff who came to rearrange the items, you will lose points!
  • CRAZY COOKING … Make sure to press the specified key repeatedly to stir the ingredients in the bowl!
  • CREEPY QUIZZ … Horror movie style quiz game. Watch the movie first, then ask questions from the scenes at the end!
  • FILET’O’FISH … Catch fish with a net from the bridge over the river. Beware of electric fish!
  • HAT PARADE … Choose a hat in the fitting room. Choose one from four hats. Get points if you don’t overlap with others!
  • HAUNTED MANSION … Use your flashlight to shine a light on the ghosts hiding in the haunted house!
  • KAYAK SPRINT … Vertical scrolling kayak race. Proceed while being careful of obstacles.
  • LASER VAPORIZATION … 3D shooting that moves the target. Fight off the aliens!
  • MUD RACE … Horizontal scrolling race. It slows down when it hits the mud and tires arranged like a maze. If the crowd catches up to you, you’re out!
  • PILLOW FIGHT … Fight each other with pillows. Power-up items will fall over a certain period of time, so be sure to get them!
  • PUPPY’S PARTY … Count the number of specified dog breeds out of many dogs.
  • SADDLE UP … Horse racing at the racetrack. Avoid obstacles by jumping. Take advantage of limited dash!
  • SHOOT THE HOOP … Basketball shoot showdown. Be careful not to overlap the timing with others!
  • SPIKY KITES … Kite flying. Operate the kite, pop the balloons and get points. Use your dash wisely!
  • SUPER RACE … Space is the stage. Avoid the beam coming from the spaceship at the back of the screen in a life-based 3D perspective!
  • SUPER STRIKE OUT … Bowling tournament. Grab the ball and throw it at random. You can throw it in any lane!
  • TENNIS MANIA … On the tennis court, shoot back tennis balls one after another from a machine and compete for the most hits!
  • THE BEST SEAT … Nervous breakdown style memory game. Remember the points allocated to movie theater seats and sit in the high-scoring seat!
  • TICK TOCK CLOCK … The 15 second timer is counting down. You won’t be able to see it halfway, so stop at exactly zero!
  • TOMA-THROW … Tomato throwing festival. Pick up the tomatoes lined up and throw them at your enemies!

It’s full of cute girly vibes, so it’s perfect as a game with your girlfriend, mom, or her daughter!
Let’s have fun!

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