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Sundered: Eldritch Edition


Public review
Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2017/7/28
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
Play style
Screen style
Camera position
PublisherThunder Lotus Games

A dungeon exploration action with animation-like smooth movements!

A side-view dungeon exploration action game with beautiful visuals based on the Cthulhu Mythos.
It’s a genre called Metroidvania, and you unlock more and more areas to explore while looking at a map.

The positions of bosses and items do not change, but other dungeon structures change every time you die.
Each movement in the hand-drawn animation is carefully created, and even the giant boss moves smoothly.

The difficulty level is high! So, if you’re looking for some crunchy action, check it out.
The difficulty level of the game is such that you can overcome it if you play hard by strengthening your character with the skill tree.
To unlock skills, use “shards” obtained by defeating enemies and destroying placed objects.
“Shards” do not disappear even if you die, so this is the basis for repeated play.

Some skills increase actions (such as double jump), which also expands the exploration area.
There is also a setting in which the protagonist gains superhuman powers by unlocking skills, but gradually loses his humanity…
This also leads to multiple endings, so let’s grow while worrying.

Offline multiplayer available immediately

If you have connected the controllers and logged in each…
After starting the game and completing a short demo, multiple players will automatically appear on the screen without pressing any buttons.
It seems that everyone other than Player 1 is set up as an “alter ego”, and the health gauge is shared by everyone.
You will have separate dash gauges and special moves.
Player 1 uses the “L1 button” to use recovery items, but other players use the “L1 button” to move to Player 1’s person.
Therefore, player 1 should be played by someone who is good at actions.
(On the other hand, don’t worry if other players are not good at movement actions)

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