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Stick Fight: The Game


Public review
Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2021/12/3
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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A 2D side-view battle royal with stick figures!

It is a battle battle royale with a simple pattern and an easy-to-read screen.
It can be enjoyed with 2 people, but if you mess with it with up to 4 people, you won’t know the outcome.

Even though they are stick figures, their body movements are simulated through physics calculations, and their actions are relatively cool.
At the moment the game is decided, it becomes a super slow motion, but the appearance of winning and losing at that time is also beautiful!

With no weapons, the basics are jumping, crouching, hitting, throwing, defending, and wall jumping.
Here, use the following various weapons that fall from the sky to gain an advantage in the game.

  • Bullets will be repelled when defending, but… lots of heavy weapons!
  • Shotgun that fires multiple bullets, but also impacts itself with recoil
  • Special bazooka that shoots snakes
  • A gun that shoots bullets and explodes after a certain amount of time
  • A bullet that is sticky and gets stuck in place
  • A laser gun that emits a long beam
  • Long melee weapon that can also be thrown: Spear


100 levels full of gimmicks!

  • A stage with a difference in elevation
  • Scaffolding that is wobbly and crumbles when impacted
  • A stage where scaffolding continues to move at high speed
  • A stage where hot lava flows
  • Ice scaffolding that can be destroyed by hitting it in the snow

One match can be over in an instant, and the development that goes over the stages one after another is speedy and thrilling!

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