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Rabbids: Party of Legends


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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2022/6/30
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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PublisherUbisoft Entertainment

Cute Rabbids have a slapstick party in the world of Journey to the West!

UBI’s recommendation?! Children’s characters “Rabbids”. Characterized by the comical movements of the missing characters. Don’t worry, let’s have a fun party game!
In this game, Rabbids enter the world of Journey to the West and travel to collect sutras.
As a major UBI software producer, this mini-game collection genre stands out for its beautiful graphics and game diversity!

There are two main game modes, “Adventure Mode” and “Party Mode”.
Both can be offline multiplayer with up to 4 people!

Adventure Mode

A stage clear mode with a story, consisting of 4 chapters and over 30 stages.
Let’s clear more and more mini-games in the story.
You can choose between individual battles or 2v2 team battles.

Party Mode

A la carte party mode with 50 mini-games.
“Battle” “2 vs. 2”
Here are some of them.

Hatched From Stone Eggs

Everyone becomes a lump of rock and knocks the enemy out of the field.

Catapult to Kinghood

Release the soft-shelled turtle (the one you use for the toilet) exactly for 5 seconds

Ain’t Scared of Spicy Food

Parties to throw peppers and receive peppers in a 2 to 2 match

Pulling the Gold Pillar

Pull out a giant Nyoi stick buried in the ground with a series of button presses.

Dance Battle By the Sea

2 vs 2 dance battle like a rhythm game

Sneak your Way into the Underworld

Control the pose of Rabbids by tracing them while falling into a large hole to slip through narrow gaps.

Painting the Books of Destiny

Shooter to aim and shoot down the target approaching from the back

The Horse Master

Compete with the amount of food given to the horse while flipping the enemy in 2 vs 2

The Peach Festival

While maintaining balance, carry food piled up high so as not to drop it.

Earling Commands All

Turn the body of Rabbids as instructed by the god in the center

Punishing Palms

While flipping the enemy, make the enemy crush with a huge hand that swings.

Various elements that make the game more exciting

Various skins for your character

Over 40 skins to choose from! At the beginning, only about half can be selected, but it will be unlocked gradually.
There are also many collectible items.

By the way, Rabbids, the main character, was born in 2006 as a spin-off of the Rayman series.
Since then, it has been animated, collaborated with Mario, and has been active in eating the leading role.

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Dad’s soliloquy
Rabbids series recommended by UBI. In the past, I bought "Rabbids Invasion" to make use of the PS camera, but the PS4 version could only be played by two people. This game supports 4-player play!