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Release date2023/2/5
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4 party games based on BINGO rules

Bingo is a game that everyone knows.
Numbers will appear at random, and if the number fits in your 5×5 25 squares, check it, and if you can check 5 in one row, you win! The basic rule remains…
You can enjoy lively offline battles in 4 modes with various arrangements.

Buzzer BINGO

If the number that appears in the center of the screen is included in your card, press the button quickly.
If multiple people press the button, only the first person to get the number will be able to get it.
If you make a mistake, you will have one break and the points will be taken away by other players.


No numbers appear in the center! The numbers on some cards are checked in advance.
During your own turn, slide the checked area either left or right or up or down.
Bingo if you line up one row! However, the checked squares of other players will also move at the same time, so be sure to look carefully at your opponent’s cards and decide on the direction of movement.


This is bingo with mahjong rules applied.
It’s turn-based, and if you get one number, you have to discard one of the numbers.
You can also get numbers thrown away by other players.

Classic BINGO

It’s normal bingo with normal rules…but there are some arranged elements.
There is a time limit, and if you cannot select the number you have, it will become a black square, and you will not be able to bingo the row that contains it.
We also have some help.

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