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Nine Parchments


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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2018/1/23
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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PublisherFrozenbyte, Inc.

The effect doubles depending on the compatibility between the magic used and the enemy's attribute! The exhilarating feeling of combination magic!

Use your brain to fight in a beautiful magical world

At first, each character can use only 3 types of magic. As you level up, you can add more spells one at a time. You can choose from multiple candidates for the magic to add, and you can freely strengthen one type of magic, or develop a character that can use a wide variety of magic.

Magic has a good/bad attribute relationship

There are five main types of magic: fire, ice, lightning, life, and death. For example, fire magic doesn’t work against enemies with red barriers, so you’ll need to attack them with magic with different attributes, such as ice magic. If the monster body after breaking the barrier is ice attribute, it is always necessary to make a quick decision such as immediately switching to fire magic and attacking.

A total of 9 characters that can be controlled

Only two characters can be used from the beginning, but if certain conditions are met, the number of characters that can be used will increase.

  • Cornelius CrownsteedA boy who can be used from the beginning. Learn attack magic in a well-balanced manner
  • Gislan of AlcyonA girl who can be used from the beginning. She specializes in recovery magic
  • Marvek the TorridGrandpa. Specializes in fire magic
  • Carabel the GlacialA large woman. Specializes in ice magic
  • Rudolfus the StrangeLooks like a cat. Specializes in death magic
  • The Mechanical OwlOwl-shaped robot. Specializes in thunder magic
  • Nim the CleanerCleaners in masks. Good at melee attacks
  • Amadeus the WizardAlso appeared in the Trine series. Can use special box magic
  • Selius HeatherwoodThe imprisoned prince. Can use special death magic

Enhancing Multiplayer Features

If you mix the spells cast by two people, they will become powerful spells. The division of roles is important, and it is necessary to quickly divide the attack points for each specialty magic. If your allies hit you, you will take damage (friendly fire), so if you blindly cast a wide range of magic, your allies will be in a pinch.

  • There is a huge enemy protected by a shield, and the magic is repelled!
  • Is the enemy red? I’m good at fire magic, so my attacks don’t work, so I’ll draw your attention. Turn around in the meantime!
  • Dad and I went behind. Ice beam!
  • Hit Dad’s ice beam there, and it’s a combined ice beam! ! !
  • I got hit by an enemy’s attack… I’m in a pinch! Mom, recovery magic please!
  • If you get too close, the enemy will also heal, so place a healing magic circle behind your feet so that you can heal while falling down.

Difficulty just right for my house

Actually, looking at other sites, this game is not so highly rated. But our house was very perfect.
Some people said that it had fewer items than other hacks and slashes, but if it was too hard, my Mom wouldn’t be able to keep up with it. So it seems that I was able to remember little by little.

Boya goes out of control

At the end of the game, Boya takes the opportunity to challenge his friends to a Killing Match. Everyone is entangled and a deathmatch begins for a while. It’s a regular event…

  • Let’s stop here for today…
  • Uhihihi~. Wide range lightning attack! (Everyone gets numb from the thunder)
  • Has it started again?
  • Let’s have a team match today. Mom and Dad together.
  • Okay. Mom, watch out Boya!
  • Uhihihi~.
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Dad’s soliloquy
It reminded me of the PC Engine multiplayer game "Dungeon Explorer".