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Moving Out 2


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Feeling of going out
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1~4 players
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    PS4 PS5(exclusive)
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Part 2 of the fun moving experience for everyone. More stages have been added!

Continuing from the previous work, moving work for a black company where only short-time work is prioritized!

The theme of this work is “Put the moving goods onto the truck by any means necessary.”
They break glass, throw luggage, and frighten doors, and their awareness of how to manage the things they transport is low (lol)

There may be some luggage that only two people can carry, or you may have to pass the luggage to a friend who is far away. Teamwork is required!
Slimy movements using the physics engine are still alive and well.
From this work onwards (although this site’s users may not be interested), it also supports online 4-player battles!

Increasingly chaotic world

At first, the moving work will be carried out normally (?).
Sometimes I get strange requests like sorting cows, pigs, and birds on a farm…
After a while, a door to another world will open.

  • A world made of sweets
  • Future floating city

Each world is full of gimmicks, and you’ll feel like you’re playing at an amusement park attraction.

A wealth of interactive elements

As you progress through the game and get hidden items,

  • Skin and different color of the character used
  • Mini games you can play at the game center

etc. will be released.

Also, it is important not only to clear, but also to clear various conditions (missions) and collect “★”.
The next side will not be unlocked unless you collect a certain amount.
However, this is not a restrictive element, and is connected to the fun of trying the same side over and over again.
How to move efficiently…what order to move in…let’s all move while having fun together!

  • I want to collect 4 stars this time
  • But it’s difficult to balance clearing in a short time and not using sliding doors…
  • So this time, let’s do something other than clear it for a short time. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, so think about what you’ll do next time!
  • The solution to the other mission is a mystery, so let’s take a closer look!

Remedy measures for those who have difficulty

If you just want to clear the game, you won’t have any problems if you play a few times, but if you want to collect the “★” mentioned above, you will have to use your brain a lot.
If it is really difficult, you can lower the difficulty level by checking several items in “Assist Mode”.
In particular, if you check “Longer time limits”, “Reduced difficulty”, and “Lighter 2P items”, you can play quickly and exhilaratingly!

  • Let’s play with two people today
  • But the mission might be tough for two people
  • Then let’s lower the difficulty a bit with assist mode
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