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Monopoly Madness


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Feeling of going out
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Number of players
1~4 players
Trial version
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Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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Ubisoft Entertainment

Add action to the king of board games, Monopoly!

The world-famous property trading board game “Monopoly” is now a party action game.
The concept of squares on the board is taken away, and you can move freely around the city and buy up paid properties.

Everyone can move at the same time, so speed is important!
Let’s get the “money”, “water”, and “electricity” generated on the map before the enemy and effectively increase the real estate.
You can also hinder your opponent by blowing them away.

Various Locations

There are 4 maps with different atmospheres, each with multiple layouts, and you can enjoy more than 20 layouts in total.

  • CityA city in the daytime. Trams and cars are running around.
  • NightlifeA night town with beautiful lights in the dark.
  • BeachA seaside town with a tropical mood.
  • Cozy FallsA city of dirt with beautiful autumn leaves.

Various elements that make the game more exciting

There are 20 characters to operate, including those that are initially locked.
You can enjoy individual battles and team battles.

Block/power-up item “Common Fund”

  • Haunted HouseHaunt an enemy property
  • Forced AuctionYou can auction your enemy’s property
  • JailSend #1 enemy to jail
  • GhostGoes invincible and walks through walls
  • CoffeeEnemies in range out of control
  • JackhammerDowngrade properties within range
  • Strike Steal enemy properties
  • BlueprintsUpgrade owned properties
  • TurboIncreases movement/collection/consumption speed
  • Flock of BirdsShoot birds like bullets and force enemies to drop funds
  • BarricadesYou can block roads wherever you like
  • Beach ballRandom property owner change
  • Building SecurityProtect a building from enemy attacks
  • PhotoflashInterrupt enemies by taking photos
  • Bulldozer Destroy enemy buildings
  • Pocket MoneyGet a small amount
  • Water BalloonStuns enemies
  • An encounter with the unknownOne random property
  • Leaf BlowerPrevents enemies from collecting and consuming resources


A map gimmick that attacks all players

  • Area desolationSome properties are devalued
  • Pumpkin BowlingPumpkin Bomb Rolls
  • Low and high tidesWaves rushing over parts of the map
  • KogarashiLeaves hide part of the map
  • Escape robberyEscape to avoid being caught by a police helicopter
  • max output all out of control
  • CongestionCongested roads make it difficult to move
  • Low water pressureNo water available
  • SandstormVisibility decreases
  • The CrashEveryone’s Funds Down
  • BlackoutNo electricity
  • gust swept away by random winds
  • Birthday PartyOne gets a congratulations from another player
  • Happy Hour100% Off Upgrades
  • Power Up RouletteEveryone Gets the Same Items
  • FlyoverMultiple giant planes fly across the screen
  • RaptorsMany seagulls rain overhead
  • raffle money is falling


Let’s all have fun and learn real estate trading while slapstick!

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